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Chapter 2051: 2051
Chapter 2051: Number One Armament Master’s social status (1)

Huang Yueli nodded her head consecutively, “Alright, we’ll then agree on this! No one is allowed to regret this!”

Li Moying too nodded his head, “Alright!”

Although he said that, his eyes were still filled with a layer of frost and it was until Huang Yueli pushed him aside and sat opposite him before he concealed the coldness in his eyes, as he too, sat down .

The view of the VIP room was spectacular, and looking downwards, they were able to see the entire scenario of the whole auction without missing anything .

At the very moment, a stunning beauty had already stood in the middle of the auction stage .

She smiled faintly, “Distinguished guests, welcome to Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s annual auction . As everyone knows, today is the grandest auction which the Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild has held in the whole year, and numerous treasures will be making their appearance today . Those who had looked through the product catalogue will be very clear on the value of this year’s auction, is definitely second to none in the past ten years!”

“Will all distinguished guests prepare yourselves, that if you see any treasures which you are interested in, please make a timely bid otherwise it will be too late for regrets after you’ve missed it . ”

“Now, the auction will officially start!!”

“The opening item has already been moved onto the stage, everyone do make a guess on what it is?”

Huang Yuei sat by the window as she was holding onto a piece of porcelain chinaware teacup in her hand, sipping on the tea while looking distractedly at the auction below .

On the auction stage, was a thick piece of red cloth, covering a rectangular box .

In order to light up the guests’ passion, the first item to be auctioned in each auction were extremely high valued items, and in order to preserve the mystery, it would not appear in the product catalogue so as to give the guests a feeling of surprise .

So the minute the emcee said that, the place below broke out into a bustle, as many people guessed what treasure was this auction item .

Even Luo Jiyun asked curiously, “This… what’s the item below the curtain?”

Cang Po Jun explained in a soft voice, “The opening auction item would normally be something extraordinary and judging from the size of the box, it would probably be some kind of Profound Armament but we don’t know what… . . ”

He was in the middle of saying that when he suddenly paused, giving of a cry of surprise, “Heavens! That’s…”

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Not only Cang Po Jun, even the practitioners below also gave off rising and falling cries of surprise .

Even Huang Yueli and Li Moying also revealed hints of astonishment on their faces .

The beautiful emcee pulled open the curtain and opened the box, taking out a long sword which was entirely in fire red .

This long sword was a serpent sword and its entire blade was curvy like a snake . The body of the sword gave off a strong fire attributed vibration, as vaporizing fire attributed energy formed into red mist, shrouding around the surrounding of the sword blade .

Anyone who saw it knew that this sword was something extraordinary .

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Whereas for those sharp eyed people, they even saw a small silver crest on the sword hilt, “Flying phoenix’s mark… . This is… one of the masterpieces which Grandmaster Huang had left behind back then!”

The beautiful emcee smiled slightly as she spoke out, “Everyone saw this, this Ardent Cloud Sword is a ninth tier lower grade peerless Profound God Weapon which the ninth ranked Armament Grandmaster Huang Yueli had personally refined that year! The effects of Grandmaster Huang’s masterpiece, I’m sure you don’t need this lady to explain further . ”

“Although it’s said that this Ardent Cloud Sword is only considered as a third rate standard among Grandmaster Huang’s masterpieces,, but ever since Grandmaster Huang had passed on, all the ninth tiered Profound Armaments left in this world are practically owned by someone and the number which are brought out for auction are very few . If you miss this village, there would be no such shop again!”