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Chapter 2036: 2036
Chapter 2036: The jealous Sovereign (2)

Liu Buyan couldn’t say a word, not knowing how to explain this whole thing .

Huang Yueli hurriedly said, “Divine Doctor Dai, about this matter, it’s better for me to explain to you later on . Now, we’d best continue discussing the matter regarding Moying’s illness . Earlier you mentioned that other than the Purified Branch, you also need the Bipolar Black Orchid to refine the pill… that kind of medicinal herb, where should we search for it?”

Dai Boqi shook his head, “This… . this old man also has no idea . Yan’er, do you have any clues on this?”

Liu Buyan frowned slightly and he looked at Dai Boqi, then looked at Huang Yueli as he wanted to say something but was hesitant to .

“It’s not that there’s totally no idea, but… . let’s wait until we get the Purified Branch first then make other plans . ”

Huang Yueil’s brows rose, feeling a little surprised but since Dai Boqi was around, she expected that Liu Buyan wasn’t able to come out with any bad ideas so she didn’t continue asking on this .

Li Moying saw the discussion was almost done and immediately opened his mouth .

“Divine Doctor Dai, I’m extremely grateful to you for lending a hand and towards your gratitude, I will definitely think of a way to repay you! These few days, we’ll like to invite Divine Doctor Dai to stay within Blue Profound Sect to be our guest . Although it’s not convenient due to my condition, but my Guardians will assist me in receiving you properly on my behalf . ”

Dai Boqi quickly added, “I don’t deserve this, I’m merely doing this so that I can take in a good disciple! No need to be so courteous!”

Li Moying nodded his head and turned his gaze towards Liu Buyan .

The two of them were speechless towards each other .

Liu Buyan gave a helpless sign, “Forget it, today’s incident is something that I’ve brought upon myself . Don’t worry, I will think of ways to cure you of your illness and after your Soul Detachment Illness recovers totally, I will never appear again . ”

Saying that, he didn’t even wait for Li Moying’s response as he turned around and left in a few big strides .

Dai Boqi was even more puzzled as he turned back and took a few more glances at Huang Yueli but in the end he didn’t ask anymore questions as he followed suit and left .

Instead it was Huang Yueli, on seeing Liu Buyan about to leave, she suddenly stood up, “Liu… Divine Doctor Liu, I have a few words which I must tell you . ”

She just took a step out when her wrist suddenly tightened as she was pulled on by someone .

Huang Yueli was stunned as she turned back and saw Li Moying with a not very nice expression, as his slender fair fingers stretched out under the blanket, clasping tightly around her wrist .

The amount of energy he used made Huang Yueli suspected that he was not a patient at all .

“Not allowed to go! You and that fellow surnamed Liu, what have you got to say to each other?” Li Moying spat out these few words coldly, as his thin lips pursed into a straight line .

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Huang Yueli saw his look and couldn’t help but laughed .

“You’re jealous? What’s there to be jealous about, I can’t wait to hate Liu Buyan! But something, I really ought to tell him clearly, in case he strays off path again in future and does something which is undue . ”

Li Moying’s face turned black, as though someone owed him a huge amount of money .

“What’s there to speak clearly about? What in future? Do you mean you still wish to meet him in future? This can also be called as hating him?”

The sourish taste in these words were almost about to seep out .

Huang Yueli was rendered speechless momentarily .

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Li Moying saw her not replying and grew even more unhappy, “Why aren’t you saying anything? Are you really prepared to meet him again? Could it be that during this period of time when he had captured you, he treated you very well and you can’t bear to hurt him?”

Huang Yueli didn’t know if she should laugh or cry as she said, “You . . what are you saying! Don’t be so childish, I’m doing everything because of you!”

The gaze which Li Moying casted upon her grew even more unfriendly .

“You’ve only left for a few days and now you’re despising me for being childish!”