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Published at 26th of January 2021 06:07:46 AM

Chapter 2035: The jealous Sovereign (1)
Chapter 2035: The jealous Sovereign (1)

So if it was something which she was determined to get, no one else was able to auction it away at all .

Liu Buyan nodded his head and agreed while by the side, “That’s right, if you’re worried of not being able to auction for it successfully, I have quite an amount of savings and can sponsor you guys…”

“Hmph… no need!”

Liu Buyan was halfway through his words when suddenly, a deep and suppressed cold harrumph interrupted him .

Huang Yueli blinked as she turned towards the position where the sound came from and immediately cried out in joy, “Moying, Moying, you’re awake! That’s great, you’re finally awake, do you feel better now? IS your head still giddy? Does your chest still hurt?”

Her dainty figure pounced towards the man on the bed, as she half knelt in front of the bed, carefully dabbing the cold sweat on Li Moying’s face, simply like a loyal young lass .

Seeing her in this state, who could have imagined that she was a heaven-defying, peerless genius?

Even Dai Boqi wasn’t able to let it go as he coughed twice, “Cough cough, I say… . Disciple, rest assured . Sovereign Mu will have no issues momentarily so you need not be so uptight . ”

Huang Yueli didn’t hear him at all as she blinked her big eyes, watching Li Moying attentively .

Li Moying originally heard Liu Buyan’s words and his heart was feeling slightly sour but on seeing his little fox putting such an anxious look, he instantly felt at ease .

His rippling peach blossomed eyes were laced with a smile as he lifted his lethargic and powerless right hand, pressing the little hand around his chest and spoke out softly, “I’m much better, don’t worry…”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she was a little more assured but her face was still showing an angry look as she pouted, “There’d be a problem if I believed in you! Previously you also said that there is no problem with you and you’re very well but in the end? You almost threw your life away!”

Little fox’s angry look was simply adorable in Li Moying’s eyes .

He wanted very much to hug her immediately, to placate her but unfortunately he had the heart but no strength to do so, as he just simply wasn’t able to get up from the bed .

Huang Yueli hurriedly pressed him down, “Your body is still very weak, can you stop moving around? Can you listen to us obediently?”

Huang Yueli’s willowy brows stood vertical and Sovereign could only admit his defeat .

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He could only follow his young lass’s strength and laid flat on the bed obediently .

Liu Buyan looked at their mutual actions and his heart was just feeling distasteful .

In the past month, he had been taking good care of this young lass in every possible way, taking care of her every single aspect just hoping that she could act coquettish in front of himself but in the end he wasn’t able to gain any substantial response . Even if it was under the pretext of her memory loss, she still instinctively evaded his touches .

However, in front of Li Moying, she was able to let go of all her defences, revealing her fond emotions .

She really… just couldn’t do without Li Moying?

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As though detecting Liu Buyan’s gaze, Li Moying’s half closed eyes suddenly opened wide as his frigid cold gaze turned towards Liu Buyan .

Under the crossfire of their four eyes, Li Moying’s lips curled, “Divine Doctor Liu, thank you for taking care of my fiancée during this period of time . But there’s really no need for you to worry so much, we Blue Profound Sect has plenty of money so there’s no need for an ‘OUTSIDER’ like you to join in the fun . ”

He purposely emphasized the word ‘outsider’ and then satisfactorily saw Liu Buyan’s gaze turning dimmer yet again .

But Dai Boqi couldn’t help but cried out in shock, “What? Fiancée? Young Miss Bai is your fiancée? Then… what about Yan’er? What on earth is going on?”