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Chapter 2019
Chapter 2019: In the depth of her memories (4)

As he said that, Dai Boqi passed a medicinal pill to her .

Huang Yueli received it blankly as she swallowed it in a daze, totally unaware of what she was doing .

Her thoughts were still within that nightmare earlier .

Just at the moment when she regained consciousness, her lost memories totally returned back to her mind .

In an instance, she was so infuriated that she almost exploded! She had totally not expected that she had been schemed by Liu Buyan!

Just because Liu Buyan had always been an easy-going man and as she had known him for two lifetimes, Huang Yueli had always trusted in his character, so she totally had not imagined that he actually did something so despicable!

Obviously knowing that Li Moying was already at his deathbed but not only did he disregard his friendship with Li Moying, he even had a big fight with him . Moreover, he even caused her memories to disappear!

God knew that if Li Moying found out that she had disappeared, just how huge of a blow would he suffer!

She simply could not imagine this scenario!

If something untoward happened to Li Moying, she… she… she would definitely tear Liu Buyan apart personally!

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli abruptly sat up as she wanted to get off the bed .

But she had merely moved slightly when the sore feeling from her entire body attacked her, causing her to fall back onto the bed once again .

“En hng… . ” She couldn’t help but gave a moan .

Dai Boqi immediately pressed her down, “What are you trying to do? You still can’t get up so casually! After taking that kind of antidote, your entire body will be depleted of energy and you must rest and recuperate for some time before you recover . If you move around rashly, be careful that you will cause an ailment that will follow you for ages! Moreover speaking, we still don’t know what kind of side effects would there be, so it’s best that you stay in bed for this period of time!”

Huang Yueli was still struggling as she tried her best to get off the bed .

“No… no way! I have… something very important… that I must… attend to immediately!”

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Dai Boqi was stunned for a moment as he looked at her, “Does this mean that your memories have already returned back to you?”

Huang Yueli nodded her head .

Dai Boqi heaved a sigh of relief, “That’s great, that’s great! This old man was still worried that the medication that you took didn’t have any effect! Then do you know now? Who was the one who harmed you, causing you to lose your memories? After your body is better, This Master will bring you over personally to settle the debt! As for the restrain on your meridians, This Old Man is still unable to release it so we have to find that person who harmed you before we can do something about it . ”

When Huang Yueli heard that, her gaze turned extremely profound .

“No need, Divine Doctor Dai, this has nothing to do with you . I’ll personally settle the debt with him!”

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The restrain on her own meridians could not be released, this was something which Huang Yueli had expected long ago .

Although Dai Boqi was also a ninth stage realm practitioner, but his level of mastery in terms of cultivation path was not high . When Pill Masters and Armament Masters cultivate, it was generally only to use their Profound Energy to aid them in refining pills or weapons so there were very few people like herself and Liu Buyan who spent so much effort on their martial cultivation .

Liu Buyan’s martial cultivation was mainly due to inheritance from his family clan and Dai Boqi was naturally very far off from his own disciple in this aspect .

However, when Dai Boqi heard that, not only was he not assured, instead he grew even more anxious .

“Disciple, what situation are you in right now? Your restrain is set up by a ninth stage realm peak practitioner so don’t you go send yourself off to your death . Still not hurrying up to acknowledge this old man as your Master, allowing This Master to help deal with this! Even if This Old Man’s face isn’t of any use, don’t we still have Yan’er? As long as your fiance shows his face, there isn’t anything which he can’t settle for you in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent!”

Huang Yueli subconsciously frowned, “Divine Doctor Dai, please don’t be mistaken . Divine Doctor Liu isn’t my fiancee . ”