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Published at 16th of January 2021 11:20:39 AM

Chapter 2015: Dai Boqi’s medical skills (5)
Chapter 2015: Dai Boqi’s medical skills (5)

Although Dai Boqi was doing it out of good intentions, but to her, it was an extremely huge hurdle .

Just at this anxious timing, Huang Yueli suddenly thought of something as a bright idea popped up in her mind .

Her eyeballs rolled around and after thinking carefully, she suddenly smiled to Dai Boqi, “Divine Doctor Dai…”

“You… . what do you want?”

When Dai Boqi saw her original tense and uptight look suddenly becoming relaxed, even starting to smile, he instinctively felt that something was not right as he couldn’t help but took a step back while guarding himself against her .

Huang Yueli said, “Divine Doctor Dai, haven’t you said this earlier, that you hope that I can acknowledge you as my Master, to learn pill refining skills, am I right?”

Dai Boqi nodded his head, “That’s of course . This old man has already said this so many times, why aren’t you hurrying up to call me Master?”

Huang Yueli smiled as she said this, “Divine Doctor Dai, it’s not that I don’t wish to acknowledge you as Master, but… . the poison on me hasn’t been cured and my meridians are sealed so I don’t even know if this restrain can be released . What if I can’t recover? Then wouldn’t you have accepted a trashy disciple? How will that do? It will also affect the reputation which you had spent many years building up, isn’t that so?”

Dai Boqi nodded his head, “Right… . ” But thinking again, he immediately reacted, “Not right! The problem will definitely be resolved and it’s impossible to remain in this state forever, don’t think about using this reason to deal with this old man!”

Huang Yueli used an especially innocent look blinking her big, round eyes as she said, “Divine Doctor Dai, how could you malign me like this? How did I deal with you? I’m really thinking for you with a sincere heart! If I really can’t recover and drag you down, that is totally reprehensible! So to speak, I’ve decided that it’s better to wait till the ailments on me have been cured first, confirming that I have a pill refining innate talent then I’ll acknowledge you as Master… As for now, let’s just…”

Dai Boqi was also an intelligent man, upon hearing her words which were beating around the bush, he immediately understood what she was trying to do as he couldn’t help but had his eyes popping out while blowing his beard .

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“You young lass, what do you mean by this? Must you get rid of your poison immediately? This old man has already told you multiple times that the risk is too huge! There’s no leeway for discussion!”

Huang Yueli shrugged her arms and said, “Anyway, if you insist on me acknowledging me as your Master, my condition is to cure me of the poison first, to let me resume all my memories! Just like what you said, it’s no matter if there’s a delay for a few days, so you’d just have to wait a few more days then!”

Dai Boqi stared hard at her, simply unable to believe his own ears!

He wanted to take in a disciple and if this news was sent out, there would be numerous pill refining geniuses who were fighting to be taken under his wing .

Not to mention direct disciple, even if it was just a registered disciple, or even an apprentice, it would make the Pill Master go crazy from joy .

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But why was the young lass in front of him, not only not excited and moreover she even dared to list out her conditions!

Dai Boqi was extremely unhappy inside his heart but there was unfortunately nothing that he could do about it!

A genius like Huang Yueli was just too rare!

Her meridians were being restrained right now and under the current circumstances that her innate talent totally weren’t complete, she had already performed in such an outstanding way . The minute her poison was cured and when her meridians had resumed to normal, just how much of a genius would she be!

Dai Boqi could only try his best to convince himself that such a peerless genius was merely stating one little condition, and that was… . normal… probably… . .

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But why was it this kind of condition!

Dai Boqi asked, “Can’t you just change another condition? Your poison, this old man will cure it sooner or later! What are you so uptight over!”

Huang Yueli’s attitude was extremely firm, “Divine Doctor Dai, your medical skills are so brilliant, so you will definitely be able to cure me, right?”