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Chapter 2014: 2014
Chapter 2014: Dai Boqi’s medical skills (4)

Dai Boqi’s face showed that he was in deep thoughts, as he frowned while pondering over this .

He didn’t knew that the person who laid the poison was his beloved disciple Liu Buyan, so naturally he wasn’t able to understand the crux within this entire matter, as he was worried that it would be because of his own negligence which might just cause Huang Yueli to be poisoned to death through his own carelessness .

But Huang Yueli had already started to have her own doubts .

Even though she couldn’t be sure if Liu Buyan had done so out of good or evil intentions, but one thing she knew very clearly was that she must immediately regain all her memories!

To someone with amnesia, everyday was a torture .

Moreover, now that she discovered so many doubtful points and so many unexplainable matters, this made her desire even more to find out what happened in the past, and what was the truth really like!

This kind of feeling was simply too pressing!

To the current Huang Yueli, even if she would really die just because she resumed her memories, she would also choose to recollect all of it! Moreover, she might not even die because of this…

So she immediately grabbed Dai Boqi’s sleeve as she couldn’t wait as she asked, “Divine Doctor Dai, let’s not think so much! Since you’re able to cure me of the poison, then please hurry and do it now! I really want to know what memory I have lost!”

Dai Boqi hesitated, “But… the risk is really too huge… since Yan’er wasn’t able to cure your poison, then he must have his own reasons . To say something shameful, this old man’s medical skills indeed can’t be compared to his . For the consideration of your safety, it’s best that we wait till Yan’er returns and this old man will then have a discussion with him, to think of a way to cure you of the poison together . ”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she immediately became anxious .

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How would this do? It was highly possible that the person who caused her to lose her memories, was Liu Buyan!

If he returned and discovered that what he had done had been exposed, he might even find other ways to conceal his crime .

Now that this poison wasn’t that hard to cure, it was probably a slip-up on Liu Buyan’s part, that he assumed that she would probably not go look for anyone to do another consultation, especially not possible for her to look for his Master Dai Boqi to check on her illness .

If he knew, Liu Buyan probably would be more careful in concealing the fact that he tried to poison her and that probably wasn’t any difficult feat to him .

In this way, there was a likelihood that she would never be able to regain her memories forever!

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This kind of matter, just thinking of it made one’s blood run cold so for those who had never lost their memories before, found it really hard to imagine just what kind of blank feeling they had… .

As though, oneself was like a floating duckweed, which would at any point of time, just disappear within the vast and wide Heaven and Earth…

And, the man in her dreams… .

Huang Yueli suddenly thought of that man’s dark and gloomy face and her heart suddenly was pierced with bouts of sharp pain!

Her heart wound up tightly and Huang Yueli’s hands clenched into fists rightly, as her complexion turned extremely pale .

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“Divine Doctor Day, Brother Liu said he might only return after some time for this outing and I can’t wait that long! Can you please help me to get rid of the poison immediately!”

However, Dai Boqi still shook his head, “No way! This old man can promise you any other matters but this matter is an absolute no-no! You really think an antidote for the poison is child’s play? Yan’er didn’t cure you of the poison so there must be a reason for it . If this old man abruptly makes a move, if anything bad happens to you, you will lose your life! This matter absolutely cannot be done! Anyway from the looks of it now, this poison doesn’t affect you in any other way, merely unable to recall the past, so just endure for a few more days!”

Huang Yueli was extremely anxious when she was unable to convince him .