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Published at 16th of January 2021 11:20:43 AM

Chapter 2013: Dai Boqi’s medical skills (3)
Chapter 2013: Dai Boqi’s medical skills (3)

“Medicine which leads to paralysis? This… how could this be possible?” Huang Yueli’s eyes opened wide, “Why is it that I have no recollection at all? Moreover, Brother Liu had never told me about this?”

Dai Boqi stared at her for quite some time as the puzzlement beneath his eyes grew deeper .

“Yan’er didn’t mention this to you? This shouldn’t be so? If I didn’t get it wrong, you should have consumed a kind of liquid concoction that contains Red Aconitum hence leading to you losing your memories . Moreover this concoction’s poisonous side effects towards the other body parts are very minimal hence the medicinal effects aren’t too strong and needs to take over a long period of time before it takes effect… you must have at least drank it for over a month to have this effect, moreover, it’s something within these two days, do you really have no recollection at all?”

When Huang Yueli heard Dai Boqi’s words, she couldn’t help but opened her mouth wide as she was totally stunned .

Her mind raced quickly because in the past few days, her mind had been swirling with plenty of doubts but at this very moment, she had finally found the answer .

The soup medication… . This period of time, she had indeed been taking a kind of soup medication, and had not stopped drinking it at all…

Speaking of this, it indeed matched up to what Dai Boqi said .

But wasn’t this soup medication something which Liu Buyan asked her to drink? Why did it turn out like this? Wasn’t Liu Buyan her fiancé? Why did he make her drink this kind of soup medication?

Huang Yueli’s shocked expression fell into Dai Boqi’s eyes .

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Dai Boqi waited for a moment and on seeing that she was still in a dazed state, he butted in to interrupt her, “Young Miss Bai, what’s the matter with you? Have you suddenly recalled something? Who’s the one who did such things to you? A peerless genius like you, suddenly being turned into trash! If it wasn’t for the fact that this old man has great foresight, I will probably miss such a good disciple like you!”

Huang Yueli originally wanted to say the truth but the words were already at the gap of her mouth when she suddenly held it back .

Speaking of this, this Grandpa Dai wasn’t really someone evil but he was after all Liu Buyan’s Master .

If he knew that Liu Buyan had caused her to lose her memories, she wondered if he would still continue helping her?

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After Huang Yueli lost her memories, Liu Buyan became the person who was closest to her, and it was Liu Buyan whom she could trust the most .

At this moment when she suddenly realised that the person closest to her, could possibly be the person who deceived her the deepest, Huang Yueli’s inner heart was in a state of terror and turmoil, and due to that, she started to put up a defensive wall between her and the surrounding people .

She thought about it but didn’t reply to Dai Boqi’s question . Instead she asked him back, “Divine Doctor Dai, after saying so much, aren’t you a ninth ranked Pill Master? Then are you able to cure this poison that I’ve contracted?”

When Dai Boqi heard that, he frowned and a puzzled look appeared on his face .

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“This… from the current looks of your symptoms and meridians, it’s not too difficult to cure the poison in you and this old man has an exclusive prescription which is specially used to cure these symptoms so theoretically, it should be able to cure you totally… . . ”

Huang Yueli revealed a joyous look, “Really? Can you really cure me?”

When Dai Boqi saw this young lass looking excited, as though she was about to jump for joy, his lips couldn’t help but curled into a smile .

Not knowing why, he liked Huang Yueli from the moment he saw her . On one hand, it was because Huang Yueli’s innate talent suited his thinking very well while on the other hand, it was purely because he felt that this young lass was very likable .

But moments later, he kept his smile away .

“Don’t be so happy so soon! If this poison is so easy to cure, Yan’er would have cured it for you long ago . So this old man suspects that there might be other issues inside, which this old man hasn’t discovered yet . ”