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Published at 16th of January 2021 11:20:47 AM

Chapter 2012: Dai Boqi’s medical skills (2)
Chapter 2012: Dai Boqi’s medical skills (2)

The remaining Pill Masters were all stunned by this scene, as they stood in their original spots, you looking at me and I looking at you, not knowing what they should do .

Dai Boqi couldn’t be bothered with them because right now, all he had on his mind was to take in this genius disciple under his wing . As for the others, he simply treated them like air totally .

“Alright, now that there’s no one to disturb us, hurry up and acknowledge me as your Master!” Dai Boqi’s face was filled with anticipation as he looked towards Huang Yueli, rementioning the same old thing .

When Huang Yueli heard that, she shook her head slightly .

Dai Boqi spoke out in displeasure, “Why? You’re still not willing to? Which part are you not satisfied, tell me now! This Master will definitely help you settle it!”

Huang Yueli signed and said, “Divine Doctor Dai, are you sure you really want to take me in as a disciple? You should know about this by now that I have no Profound Energy at all, not even cultivation innate talent, nor Earth and Fire attributes . Although I am able to distinguish between the medicinal herbs, and my Earth attributed affinity seems rather high, but…”

“But what? Where’s the but coming from?” Dai Boqi flicked his sleeves as he interrupted her .

“Earlier when this old man helped you take your pulse, I had already roughly found out the reason . Your meridians are obviously sealed by someone, resulting in the Profound Energy unable to flow within your meridians hence causing the false alarm that you cannot cultivate! This old man was just thinking, how could it be possible that you have no innate talent but able to pick high levelled medicinal herbs! In reality, your innate talent should be extremely outstanding!”

Saying that, he turned his head back and asked puzzledly, “Why? You’re already sixteen, don’t you even know that your meridians had been sealed? Surely this is unexplainable right?”

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Logically speaking, everyone in Soaring Heavens Continent would attend the innate talent assessment before they were ten years old and for those who had the aptitude, for those whose meridians were sealed, just any high ranked doctor would be able to tell .

Even if they had no ability to seek a Divine Doctor for consultation, but the difference between having and not having innate talent was totally different . For example today’s matter of harvesting medicinal herbs, if it happened a few more times, normal people would all be suspicious of this wasn’t it?

When Huang Yueli heard that, she slightly pondered over it as she revealed an enlightened look .

“In this way… yes, I’ve recently lost my memory and there are many things which I cannot recall . Could it be that I could cultivate in the past? But I don’t know why someone sealed my meridians?”

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Dai Boqi slapped his thigh, “So this is the case, then it’s all explainable now! But aren’t you Yan’er’s fiancée? How did you lose your memory?”

“This… I don’t recall it anymore but Brother Liu had once told me a little about it… . . ”

Huang Yueli then told Liu Buyan’s version to Dai Boqi .

It was basically that the both of them met with danger while out harvesting medicinal herbs and Huang Yueli had hurt her head, resulting in the loss of memory .

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But after she had just finished her story, Huang Yueli herself started to frown, “Strange, since I was able to cultivate in the past, why is it that after I had a fall, not only had I lost my memories, even my meridians were sealed by someone? Could it be that I’ve also met with some other accident?”

Dai Boqi grabbed her wrist and checked her pulse in detail .

This time, he injected a larger portion of Profound Energy into Huang Yueli’s meridians, seemingly searching every single meridian of hers before he slowly retracted his hand, even checking on Huang Yueli’s head’s “injury” .

His expression was even more puzzled, “This is really strange, I somehow feel that your amnesia isn’t related to an injury to the head, more like… you’ve taken some kind of medicine . ”