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Chapter 2011: 2011
Chapter 2011: Dai Boqi’s medical skills (1)

Amid the voices, Feng Zhensheng picked up the second stalk .

“Second stalk… . Nine Leaf Lingzhi!”

“Third stalk… still Nine Leaf Lingzhi!”

“Fourth stalk…:

He picked up stalk after stalk of medicinal herbs and every single time he inspected it, his hand shook one time and until the very end, even his voice started quivering as his face was filled with astonishment, eyeballs almost dropping onto the ground!

“Seventh stalk… Nine Leaf Lingzhi! All of them are Nine Leaf Lingzhi!”

The Pill Masters all cried out in shock .

“All of them are Nine Leaf Lingzhi? This is absolutely not possible! Not to mention that Bai Ruoli doesn’t have any pill refining innate talent, even an eighth ranked Pill Master, couldn’t possibly pick out all seven stalks in such a short duration?”

“Moreover she didn’t even use any methods, just throwing it casually, this… she can even pick these out like that? What kind of joke is that?”

“I don’t believe it, there must be some problem here . Could President Feng have gotten it wrongly?”

When Feng Zhensheng heard that, he wanted to cry with no tears . He really wished that he had gotten it wrongly, to lie to everyone that these medicinal herbs were all Nine Leaf Turf Grass .

However, these seven stalks of medicinal herbs had all been inspected personally by Dai Boqi earlier . In front of him, how would Feng Zhensheng even dare to lie with his eyes wide open? He could only report the inspection results as it was .

Until now, he was still feeling as though he was in a dream!

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His puzzlement was not any lesser than anyone else . To think that he was already an eighth ranked Pill Master and he had enough various kinds of talents but such a bizarre and mysterious matter, was his first time encountering it!

This… just where had gone wrong?

Feng Zhensheng’s silence had already proved everything .

The Pill Masters were all first shocked and suspicious and until the end, they had no choice but to admit that Huang Yueli had really picked those Nine Leaf Lingzhi accurately from the pile!

Even though they didn’t know how she did it, but this was the truth!

Simply unable to imagine, just how powerful her Earth attributed innate talent was, to be able to do this!

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Could it be that she really was a pill refining genius who appeared once every thousand years?

On seeing everyone’s gaze on Huang Yueli slowly turning from suspicions to admiration, Feng Xiaoyan’s heart was both furious and jealous as the ball of fire kept on spiralling, scorching her so much that she was scratching her heart and lungs, incomparably unbearable .

“This absolutely could not be true! Divine Doctor Dai, Father, you absolutely cannot be deceived by this little slut! This shameless thing, in order to rely on Divine Doctor Liu, she could do all sorts of shameless disgusting things… . . AH—!!”

Before Feng Xiaoyan could even finish her verbal abuses, a gust of powerful Profound Energy shot right from her back .

She gave a shrill and totally unable to stabilise her body as she fell forward .

A dull thud was heard and her head crashed against the ground . Instantly blood spilled out and at the same time, the veil on her face also dropped off which she was struggling with , revealing a scarred face, which was immediately exposed in front of everyone’s eyes .

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“Heavens! Feng Xiaoyan’s face…”

“It’s too horrifying!”

Dai Boqi stared furiously at Feng Xiaoyan, “Who allowed you to speak that about this old man’s disciple? Full of foul and filthy words, simply unable to enter one’s ears! Men, quickly drag her out for me! Don’t let this old man see her ever again!”

“Divine Doctor Dai, I really didn’t say anything wrong… Divine Doctor Dai… . . ”

Feng Xiaoyan screeched her voice out but was still dragged out .

When Feng Zhensheng saw this, he felt that he was really embarrassed as he hurriedly followed suit quickly .