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Chapter 2010: Examine on the spot (8)
Chapter 2010: Examine on the spot (8)

“Acknowledge as Master??”

After a moment later, many voices simultaneously were heard from different directions .

Huang Yueli had yet to reply when the others already started screaming out loudly .

“Acknowledge him as Master? Why is it that Bai Ruoli can still acknowledge him as Master? Hasn’t her lies already been exposed?” Shu Yali cried out in disbelief .

Feng Xiaoyan was even more exasperated, “That’s right! Divine Doctor Dai, what’s the matter with you? This wretched lass had treated these valuable sixth levelled medicinal herbs as cabbages and also ruined so many of them, but yet not able to find out one single stalk of Nine Leaf Lingzhu at all! She should be made to compensate for the damages then thrown out of the Guild! You… why do you still allow her to acknowledge you as Master?”

Feng Zhensheng also said, “Divine Doctor Dai, you absolutely cannot be cheated by this lass any further!”

The other Pill Masters all revealed the same indignant expression, apparently, totally unconvinced .

When Dai Boqi saw that, he gave a cold humph and said, “Why? All of you aren’t convinced? Dare to vilify this old man’s good disciple? Can’t even find a stalk of Nine Leaf Lingzhi? All of your dog eyes must have been blinded! President Feng, you’re an eighth ranked Pill Master! Take a look for yourself, how many of these stalks are the Nine Leaf Lingzhi?”

Feng Zhensheng’s eyes opened wide and on hearing those words, his heart thumped hard .

Dai Boqi’s meaning… surely it wasn’t to say that this young lass had really picked out the Nine Leaf Lingzhi right? Moreover, it’s not only limited to one stalk?

Could it be that she really used that method of picking cabbages and picked out several stalks of Nine Leaf Lingzhu? No, to be able to be listed into Divine Doctor Dai’s eyes, she probably had around five to six stalks?

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But, how was this even possible? She obviously didn’t have any Profound Energy?

Could it be that this lass had done something to this?

But these Nine Leaf Turf Grass and the Nine Leaf Lingzhi were picked personally by him and Steward Qin from his store . From the start to the end, it did not go through anyone else’s hands . No matter what schemes Huang Yueli had, there should be now way for her to come out with any trickery right?

No matter how Feng Zhensheng thought about it, he just simply couldn’t understand this as he could only put up a brave front and headed over as he picked up those stalks of medicinal herbs from the ground .

He had just stooped down when Huang Yueli’s voice was heard from his back .

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“President Feng, can I trouble you when you’re inspecting, to announce the result to everyone after inspecting every single stalk, in case anyone else doubts me . As the President of the Alchemist Guild, President Feng has a good reputation and standing so surely… everyone will definitely believe you! Divine Doctor Dai, what do you think about this?”

All Dai Boqi had in mind was to take in Huang Yueli as his disciple so naturally whatever she said, he would agree to it all as he hurriedly nodded his head in agreement, “That’s right, that would be the best! Let’s leave it to President Feng!”

Feng Zhensheng clenched his teeth and upon hearing Huang Yueli’s fearless tone, it seemed as though… she was really very confident?

But Dai Boqi had already opened his mouth and he already had no other choices, so he could only nod his head and started to inspect the stalks one after another .

“First stalk… Nine Leaf… ughh, this is . . Nine Leaf Lingzhi!”

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After Feng Zhensheng injected the first stalk of medicinal herb, he was totally stunned as his hand trembled and the medicinal herb directly dropped out of his hands landing onto the ground .

Hearing his words, the Pill Masters present all broke out into a clamour .

“Impossible! This is impossible! Bai Ruoli really picked out a Nine Leaf Lingzhi?”

“I don’t believe it, this is absolutely a coincidence! There’s definitely only this one stalk of Lingzhi!”

“That’s right, there are six other stalks behind! Surely it can’t all be the Nine Leaf Lingzhi right?”