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Chapter 2006: 2006
Chapter 2006: Examine on the spot (4)

When Feng Zhensheng saw that his interest was piqued, he instantly freshened up .

He came slightly later because he had been in a discussion with Steward Qin, thinking about how to expose Huang Yueli’s real look .

At that time, the idea they thought about was to expose Huang Yueli’s real identity and the fact that she had no Profound Energy in front of Dai Boqi, then later on to force her to verify her own standard in front of Dai Boqi .

What they had not expected was that by the time they arrived, Shu Yali had already spilled the beans on this before them .

In this way it actually saved them some trouble .

Feng Zhensheng said, “Divine Doctor Dai, earlier Steward Qin and I were worrying that such a peerless genius suddenly popped out and we don’t even know if it’s real or fake, so we thought of a way to access her so we’ve prepared a couple of things… . Men, bring it over!”

He clapped his hands and a few attendants carried a large box behind him, and placed it among the crowd on the ground .

After that, he took a few steps ahead and personally opened the box lid .

“Divine Doctor Dai, please have a look!”

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Dai Boqi lowered his eyes and took a look, as he revealed an enlightened look, “This is… . Nine Leaf Turf Grass?”

Feng Zhensheng nodded and smiled, “Right on the spot! Everyone here are Pill Masters and you all should know that the Nine Leaf Turf Grass is a sixth level medicinal herb which looks extremely similar to the Nine Leaf Lingzhi, and even the higher levelled Nine Leaf Turf Grass is totally unable to be differentiated just from the exterior . The difference between the two is that the concentration of the Earth attributed energy is totally different . ”

“In this box, I’ve let them prepare seven stalks of Nine Leaf Lingzhi and the rest are all Nine Leaf Turf Grass, so let’s let Young Miss Bai be responsible for picking out the Nine Leaf Lingzhi! How about that?”

After Feng Zhensheng said that, the younger Pill Masters all broke out into a clamour .

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“What? They actually wanted to let Bai Ruoli pick out the Nine Leaf Lingzhi from so many Nine Leaf Turf Grass? How could that be possible?”

“That’s right, this is just too difficult! These are all sixth and seventh levelled medicinal herbs and based on our ability at our current ages, there’s no way that we can differentiate the concentration of the energy within the medicinal herbs . There are no differences from the exterior so how could she possibly pick them out?”

“We can’t but hadn’t Bai Ruoli self-professed that she was able to pick forty over stalks of Drought Land Pearl Lotuses? She should show off some of her ability for us to have a look!”

“This time things are going to be interesting, she definitely won’t be able to pick them out?”

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Feng Xiaoyan’s face was filled with ridicule as she laughed coldly, “Why? Haven’t you said that you were going to prove your ability in front of Divine Doctor Dai? Still not going over to pick them out quickly? Have you blown your trumpet until it’s already broken so you have no other way now?”

The Feng father-daughter duo looked at Huang Yueli, believing that she had been scared stiff by this kind of assessment .

Because this matter was indeed hard to differentiate, to tell the difference between a Nine Leaf Turf Grass from a Nine Leaf Lingzhu, this was originally something which a sixth ranked Pill Master could achieve . Moreover there were several hundred stalks of medicinal herbs in the box so even if she really could differentiate it, to be able to compare so many medicinal herbs, who knew how much time she had to spend .

It could be said that they were intentionally putting her on the spot!

Huang Yueli swept a glance at the box which was piled to the brim and the corners of her lips curled up slightly, “You are sure you want to access me on this? Divine Doctor Dai, what do you say?”

Dai Boqi gave a harrumph and said, “Honestly speaking, this kind of assessment to ordinary Pill Masters is indeed too difficult but if you really have the potential to become a ninth rank Pill Master, then you should still be able to do it . ”