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Published at 14th of January 2021 05:51:58 AM

Chapter 2005: Examine on the spot (3)
Chapter 2005: Examine on the spot (3)

Dai Boqi was stunned when he heard that, “You want to harvest the medicinal herbs on the spot?”

Huang Yueli saw the guards standing still and walked out from behind the chair, “That’s right, since you don’t believe whatever I said, then surely seeing is believing right, how about that?”

Dai Boqi instinctively felt that something was amiss as he subconsciously shook his head, “This old man will not be tricked by you…”

“How is this considered as being tricked?” Huang Yueli was all smiles as she said that . “Haven’t you already said that your foresight is the most accurate? Now I’m going to harvest the medicinal herbs on the spot so if I come out with any trickery, surely you will be able to tell right? Or am I right to say that you also feel that you’ve maligned me, hence you don’t dare to allow me to prove myself?”

Dai Boqi frowned as he stared at the young lady in front of him . After sizing her up for a while, his heart was filled with even more puzzlement .

What was going on?

He looked left and right, up and down and this young lass still didn’t have any Profound Energy but she said that she was going to harvest the medicinal herbs to prove herself . Such a sincere pledge, seeming as though it was real…

Could it be that she really have a pill refining innate talent?

This… was simply inconceivable!

Dai Boqi simply didn’t believe that such a matter would happen but he also couldn’t think of any other reason to reject Huang Yueli’s request .

At last, he gave a cold humpf and said, “Alright, since you said so then this old man shall give you one chance! No matter what trickery you come out with, if you’re thinking to pull wool over this old man’s eyes, that’s just simply daydreaming!”

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Huang Yueli smiled as she spoke out confidently, “As long as you give me this chance, I will naturally let everyone know what’s called the real deal! Then Divine Doctor Dai, which medicine farm should I head to?”

Hearing Dai Boqi loosening his stance, Huang Yueli’s heart finally eased .

She was most afraid that Old Grandpa Dai would indiscriminately chase her away directly . Now since there was a chance to perform on the spot, she naturally had nothing more to worry about .

Moreover, she herself actually wanted to know why she had such strong Earth attributed affinity, she wondered based on Dai Boqi’s foresight, would he be able to see through the underlying reason?

Dai Noqi muttered to himself, “Then… . we’ll head over to…”

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He was a little hesitant because he couldn’t bear to let him high grade medicinal herbs being ruined by Huang Yueli but if the medicinal herbs grades were too low, there was no way to access the height of her standard…

Just at this moment, in the corner of the corridor came another shuffling of footsteps .

The duo Feng Zhensheng and Feng Xiaoyan ran over in a hurry .

Feng Xiaoyan’s face was still hanging with a piece of veil, blocking her scarred complexion .

But Huang Yueli merely took a look and recognised the both of them .

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Feng Zhensheng blocked Dai Boqi and said, “Divine Doctor Dai, will you please hold on for a while!”

Dai Boqi waved his hand, “President Feng, if you have something to discuss then let’s do it later, I have something urgent to settle now!”

Feng Zhensheng hurriedly said, “Earlier when I was on my way here, I’ve already heard that you wish to access Bai Ruoli’s ability so I have a suggestion… . . ”

“Oh? What kind of suggestion?” Dai Boqi asked curiously .

Feng Zhensheng said, “Think about it, why would this young lass keep telling you that she wanted to harvest medicinal herbs? Could it be that she had done something to the medicine farm hence she was so confident? Since it is to assess if she really has a pill refining innate talent, then we should change a topic to access her, in case she muggles through successfully!”

When Dai Boqi heard that, he nodded his head, “What you say does make some sense, what idea do you have then?”