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Chapter 2004: Examine on the spot (2)
Chapter 2004: Examine on the spot (2)

Moreover, even he himself, almost fell into this young lass’s trap!

Dai Boqi was extremely furious, until his entire body was trembling .

However much he was exhilarated earlier, he was just as angry right now! Thinking of just how silly he was for being so excited earlier, in the end it was all a bluff and he almost fainted from this!

Moreover, Dai Boqi was most particular about his face and in front of so many young Pill Masters, he made such a big fool out of himself, his old face really couldn’t hung on any longer, feeling that he was really so dumb to the max!

With this thinking in mind and with his fury in his heart, he banged his fist hard on the table and shouted out furiously, “Good, your guts is really not little at all! Obviously with no pill refining talent but still got so many medicinal herbs to cheat me! Did you think this old man was a retard or something? Not only a trash, but also a liar, a woman like you still wishes to get married to my Yan’er? Go dream about it! Men, catch her!”

Dai Boqi raised his hand to summon his guards, expressing for them to catch her .

Huang Yueli’s reaction was swift as she extended her foot words and with a misstep, she hid to one corner .

The guards apparently didn’t expect that a young lass with no Profound Energy could actually be that agile and right before they could react in time, she had already slipped away .

Huang Yueli immediately rushed towards Dai Boqi as she swiftly started explaining .

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“Divine Doctor Dai, I can totally explain about this matter! Although it’s true that I don’t have any Profound Energy, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have any pill refining innate talent! The Drought Land Pearl Lotuses in the Number Eight Jade Box are indeed harvested by me personally, I can swear to Heaven!”

Dai Boqi originally liked this young lass a lot but right now he was still fuming and totally refused to listen to her explanation, merely giving a cold humpf, “What joke are you cracking? No Profound Energy but yet have pill refining innate talent? This kind of strange matter, this old man has never seen it in my entire life! Totally not possible for it to happen! At this kind of timing, you’re still lying?”

Huang Yueli frowned and said, “I’m really not lying, even I myself can’t explain why it is that I am able to harvest medicinal herbs, but what I said is the entire truth!”

Huang Yueli’s gaze was firm and attitude was resolute, as she had a natural bearing which made people convinced about her .

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When Dai Boqi saw her clear eyes, he started to become a little suspicious . Could it be that this young lass really wasn’t lying?

But how could there be such a strange matter under the Heavens?

Shu Yali was standing by the side as she hurriedly poured in more oil to the fumes, “Divine Doctor Dai, don’t be cheated by her! She is definitely thinking of some ghastly ideas again! Bai Ruoli, I advise you to report honestly, where did you get all these Drought Land Pearl Lotuses from? And how did you secretly smuggle them in! You’ve already been exposed so stop trying to be so tight lipped . If you tell the truth, perhaps Divine Doctor Dai might go lenient on you on account of Divine Doctor Liu!”

When Dai Boqi heard iu Buyan’s name, the fury which had weakened instantly spiralled up once again .

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“Enough! This old man has understood that you are coming out with this act, just to pretend that you have innate talent just for this old man to agree to you and Yan’er’s marriage? I’m telling you, unless this old man is dead, otherwise you can forget about getting married successfully with Yan’er!”

Dai Boqi was extremely angry, “Men, still not going to throw this lass out?”

Huang Yueli hurriedly shrunk to one side as she hid behind the back of a chair .

During this crucial moment, a bright idea suddenly hit upon her as she said, “Divine Doctor Dai, if you don’t believe me, I can personally harvest the medicinal herbs to show you!”