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Chapter 2003: Examine on the spot (1)
Chapter 2003: Examine on the spot (1)

Dai Boqi was still immersed in his shocked emotions as he couldn’t help but asked, “What’s going on? Who can tell me exactly, what’s all this about?”

Shu Yali saw that he was hooked as a dark smile appeared on the corners of her lips, quickly grabbing the opportunity as she swiftly summarised everything .

“Divine Doctor Dai, Bai Ruoli is the girl whom Divine Doctor Liu brought back from outside some time ago, and is exactly the very lass whom you despise! This point is something that all the other apprentices know about and if you don’t believe me, you can also ask President Feng about it, everyone can testify on this!”

Dai Boqi originally still felt that it was impossible but when he lifted his head to take a look at the surrounding people .

Everyone’s expression seemed to verify the actuality of what Shu Yali said .

Dai Boqi’s expression immediately turned ugly as he turned his head around and asked Huang Yueli, “Lass, is what she said true?”

Huang Yueli was rather helpless as well because she originally wanted to explain to him in private but in the end, the truth was spilled by Shu Yali in this manner . So if she wanted to explain the entire matter clearly, it wouldn’t be that easy .

She could only nod her head, “That’s right, I indeed came to the Guild along with Brother Liu . ”

Dai Boqi’s face was filled with shock, as he couldn’t help but take a few steps back and his face also paled, apparently he had received a rude shock .

“Divine Doctor Dai, be careful! Don’t let anger get the better of you!”

The guards immediately hurried upwards, as they caught hold of him in a fluster .

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Dai Boqi took a couple of deep breaths before he finally regained his senses as he stared at Huang Yueli and said, “Impossible! How could you possibly… possibly be that trash of a lass! I’ve heard the others say that the “fiancée” whom Yan’er brought back, other than a pretty face, is a totally useless person! But your innate talent is so outstanding… . Wait, you… don’t have any Profound Energy on you?”

Huang Yueli silently sighed as she replied, “That’s right, I don’t have any Profound Energy, but… . ”

Before she could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by Shu Yali .

“Divine Doctor Dai, you’ve heard it for yourself and she has already admitted it! Admit that she intentionally concealed her identity to get close to you, admit that she does not have any Profound Energy! So to speak, everything is fake, for a person without any Profound Energy, how could she successfully harvest the Drought Land Pearl Lotuses? Moreover she harvested so many stalks! God knows what underhanded methods had she resorted to?”

“A woman full of lies like her, is definitely cheating you on purpose . Who knows what foxy methods she used to be able to be connected to Divine Doctor Liu! You definitely need to check on the truth!”

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Shu Yali was saying these delightfully, as her gaze shot frequently towards Huang Yueli, her eyes hiding the pride of living high and looking down on her .

She had been slapped on the face by Huang Yueli several times so no matter how she thought about it, she was totally not reconciled .

Until now, she thought that she had finally exposed Huang Yueli’s real face and that feeling of exaltation was especially uplifting in her heart!

Dai Boqi looked at Huang Yueli in disbelief, as he suffered a double blow .

“You… you really don’t have any pill refining innate talent? That’s right, you’re already sixteen and you don’t have Profound Energy, but those with a bit of pill refining innate talent couldn’t possibly be like this…”

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His mood today was really considered as riding a rollercoaster .

Initially he had no hopes towards this batch of apprentices when he suddenly discovered a peerless genius among them which made him go wild with joy .

Whoever knew that he had yet to be exhilarated when he suffered such a heavy blow!

He had picked his disciple out of so many choices but in the end… she was the one who he had always wanted to chase away, that trash who had seduced his disciple?