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Published at 4th of January 2021 03:20:07 AM

Chapter 1991: 1991
Chapter 1991: Who is this genius? (6)

Steward Qin turned back his head and took a look at Feng Zhensheng, completely unsure why he did so .

Feng Zhensheng hurriedly gave a meaningful look at him, staring so much that his eyes almost started cramping .

Steward Qin had a change of thought and suddenly understood something .

That’s right, Feng Zhensheng gave him such a huge advantage just so to scheme against Divine Doctor Liu’s little fiancée . But now that young lass had submitted the entire box, probably filled with weeds, Divine Doctor Dai must be furious . Moreover he didn’t believe that someone would be so dumb to submit in weeds hence he was certain that someone was out to scheme this young lass, hence he summoned him over for questioning .

So he must cling on to the truth that this matter was done personally by Huang Yueli, to substantiate her crime .

With this thinking in mind, Steward Qin hurriedly added on, “Divine Doctor Dai, don’t worry . Under this subordinate’s supervision, no one would be able to practice fraud! I personally saw them pick the medicinal herbs one after another and also submit their jade boxes one by one . When they submitted their jade boxes, they were the ones who sealed it themselves and the serial numbers were written on by me, so there is absolutely no confusion at all!”

Saying that, Steward Qin even gave Feng Zhensheng a delightful smile, assuming that he was explained perfectly and would be able to dispel Divine Doctor Dai’s misgivings, helping Feng Zhensheng solve a huge trouble .

But the face was when Feng Zhensheng heard this, his eyes went black and almost fainted!

This, this, this… . how did it turn out like this?

He had finally thought of an idea to expose that wretched lass’s real nature but in the end, because of the dumbass Steward Qin who thought that he was very smart, it actually proved that these medicinal herbs origins were no issue at all!

This was simply moving the rock to smash on his own feet!

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As expected, when Divine Doctor Dai heard Steward Qin’s words, his joy was shown on his face as his feelings were even more agitated .

“Good, good! That’s just great! Looks like the medicinal herbs are indeed harvested by her personally, there’s no issue now! That’s simply great!”

He took a few steps back and lifted his head looking outside the door as he asked anxiously, “What’s the matter? Why is the person who has been sent to look for the apprentice still not back? Isn’t it just passing a message, is there a need to spend so much time? No way, I must head over personally to take a look!”

Saying that, Dai Boqi could no longer wait and walked out in large strides as he headed out of the door personally .

Feng Zhensheng’s expression changed as he tried to talk up and stop him, “Wait, Divine Doctor Dai, you… how could you head over personally? This is simply lowering your own status…”

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But Dai Boqi waved his hand and replied unconcernedly, “For this peerless genius, even if it means to lower my status, what does it matter? What do you guys know?”

He was saying that and already walking out in anticipation .

Feng Zhensheng’s face turned green because he had totally not expected that things would take an unexpected turn to such a step!

Shouldn’t this wretched lass be chased out of the Alchemist Guild?

Why was it now that not only was she not chased away, instead, she had changed into Dai Boqi’s eyes’ peerless genius?

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Dai Boqi had always had a ridiculously high standard, and he didn’t even approve of the Alchemist Guild’s President, him . But right now, he actually lowered his own status, just to personally head over to ask that wretched lass to take him as her Master?

This was simply… meeting a living ghost!

When Steward Qin who was standing by the side, saw Dai Boqi leaving in such an agitated and excited manner, he somehow felt that something was not right and finally realised that he seemed to have done something wrong .