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Published at 31st of December 2020 03:25:07 PM

Chapter 1984: 1984
Chapter 1984: Open the box and take a look (4)

Dai Boqi didn’t know what the two people beside him were thinking . After he gave a regretful sigh, he casted Shu Yali’s number one jade box to one side .

“But, this number one harvesting of medicinal herbs is still barely all right, it’s fine to let her become an apprentice . Just let her stay on in the store for a probationary period!”

Saying that, he opened the second jade box .

The medicinal herbs in this box, as compared to Shu Yali’s Aromatic Silk Jade Grass earlier, was much worse .

A sparse total of seven to eight stalks, moreover every single stalk’s leaves fell off . Just from the exterior, it didn’t look complete and after using one’s soul trace to sense it, one was able to clearly sense that the spiritual energy in medicinal herb had already been lost by a huge amount .

Dai Boqi’s face immediately turned ugly, “Just this kind of standard and they have to check to get a scolding from me! I say, President Feng, haven’t I already mentioned this the last time round, I only want those with the best innate talent among the younger generation! These trashy people, stop sending them over to my side, even if they come I’ll still chase them away!”

“Yes, yes, yes, it’s my negligence . ”

Feng Zhensheng stole a peek at the medicinal herbs inside the box as he replied against his conscience .

Actually, from what he saw, to be able to harvest seven to eight stalks in one go was already considered not bad .

After all, these younger Pill Masters were not even twenty years old yet and their own standard was merely between second to third rank .

Usually if they were to harvest third levelled medicinal herbs, their harvesting would normally reach fifty percent or so .

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But Dai Boqi’s request was very high . He made them harvested at least fifth levelled medicinal herbs and that had far surpassed their original standard . Even if they weren’t able to harvest a single stalk, that was considered normal .

To be able to harvest around ten percent meant that their innate talent was already rather outstanding…

Bai Boqi opened another three boxes consecutively and after taking a glance at those, the annoyed expression on his face became even more obvious .

As for the jade boxes serial numbers, it was lined according to the selection assessment ranking so those few boxes at the end, the quality of those medicinal herbs, were definitely worse than the previous one .

When Dai Boqi saw three, he simply could not continue any further as he swept the jade boxes to one side with force .

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“What kind of rubbish are these? Other than the first one who could still make do, why can’t there be a slightly decent Pill Master? Forget it, I’m not looking anymore, take it away, take it all away!”

When the guards by the side saw this, they immediately shot up and caught hold of the falling jade boxes from the table .

If not for so, these boxes might all be shattered onto the ground .

Dai Boqi replied angrily, “This is another batch who is wasting my time! Enough, there’s no need to continue looking as well . President Feng, you can bring these people back . In future those with terrible innate talent, don’t need to send them to me!”

The guards didn’t dare to defy his words as they carried the boxes and were about to leave .

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When Feng Xiaoyan saw that, she immediately became anxious .

She was still waiting for Dai Boqi to fly into a huge rage when he saw the pile of weeds which Huang Yueli had submitted!

Now, Dai Boqi didn’t even open Huang Yueli’s number one jade box and already ordered his men to bring away the boxes! Moreover, he only wanted to send those Pill Masters, other than Shu Yali, back to the Alchemist Guild, with no intention to chase anyone away .

How would that do?

Wouldn’t it be letting Bai Ruoli that little slut off easily?

Thinking of this, Feng Xiaoyan couldn’t sit still any longer as she scuttered right up and blocked the guards’ path .