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Chapter 1983: 1983
Chapter 1983: Open the box and take a look (3)

Dai Boqi apparently assumed so hence he didn’t bother to rebuke his words .

“Sigh, such a pity, the current people have withered to such a standard so not to mention someone like Yan’er, even those who are slightly weaker, are hard to find…”

He lamented for a short period of time and shook his head, “Forget it, let’s not talk about these and take a look at how this batch of apprentices have done harvesting the medicinal herbs . Just nice, you’re an expert so help me collate and examine a few critically . ”

Saying that, Dai Boqi stretched out his hand and opened the first jade box .

Shu Yali was among this batch of apprentices and as her results were the best in the selection assessment hence her serial number was number one and her jade box was placed right in front .

Dai Boqi opened her box and saw the ten over stalks of medicinal herbs lying quietly inside . Each stalk was lush and verdant which made it look lively and energetic .

Feng Zhensheng was also an expert in this and when he saw this, he couldn’t help but praise, “I wonder which apprentice picked this? She had practically preserved these few stalks of Aromatic Silk Jade Grass’s spiritual qi, and there doesn’t seem to be any loss in the medicinal effects . Moreover, to be able to pick fifteen stalks at one go, the success rate seems rather high… . Incredible! A rough diamond indeed!”

His expression was excited but Dai Boqi merely swept one gaze at the box and revealed a picky and disgusted expression .

“These few Silk Jade Grass seems complete on the exterior but you didn’t notice those few scratches on the roots which were left behind and that led to the loss of spiritual qi . This meant that this Pill Master overused too much strength while completing the incantation gesture and didn’t manage to control the intensity of her Profound Energy! Can’t even harvest a medicinal herb properly, innate talent is only so-so…”

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Feng Zhensheng was stuffed for words as he could only say, “But the success rate of her harvesting is still rather high, which could make up for that, I guess . ”

Alas, Dai Boqi’s gaze was already spoilt rotten by Liu Buyan as he thought of all others as no difference from trash . Shu Yali’s moves, naturally couldn’t be compared with Liu Buyan’s hence she had once again been despised into dredges .

“An entire medicine farm and only managed to harvest only seven or eight stalks successfully, not even twenty percent of it, is this considered as high? In the past, Yan’er would be able to harvest at least sixty percent and above! If they want to be my disciple, the minimum requirement of successful harvesting will at least have to reach fifty percent!”

When Feng Zhensheng heard that, he almost spat out blood .

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Was he taking in a disciple or just playing around with the Pill Masters? Fifty percent harvest? Did he think everyone had the innate talent to become a ninth ranked Pill Master?

Even if it was him Feng Zhensheng, the President of the Alchemist Guild Headquarters, when he was in his younger days, the success rate of harvesting medicinal herbs was at most twenty five percent .

How many of such geniuses like Liu Buyan were there under the heavens?

Based on this kind of standard to gauge, this old man would probably not be able to take in a second direct disciple for this lifetime!

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But for Feng Xiaoyan who was listening by the side, she somehow felt fortunate .

In the past, she had always wanted to be taken in by Dai Boqi under his wing to become Liu Buyan’s junior sister . But Dai Boqi’s requirement was simply too high so even if she made her father persuade him personally, Dai Boqi just refused to loosen up, obviously he didn’t look up at Feng Xiaoyan .

Now that her fingers were injured, even if it was cured, her pill refining standard would also be affected, apparently she could no longer be Dai Boqi’s disciple any longer .

But at least, based on Dai Boqi’s abnormal and ridiculous request, it was not possible for him to take anyone in as a disciple .

In this way, her losses somehow seemed much lesser .