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Chapter 1966
Chapter 1966: Really so heaven defying? (6)

Shu Yali thought that she would absolutely not nod her head but she had not expected that Huang Yueli not only accepted it, she even gave a resolute reply immediately!

This was akin to seeing a living ghost!

Could she really… recite backwards?

When Shu Yali was flipping the book, her hand trembled uncontrollably and finally, she selected one paragraph .

“I’ll chosethis paragraph! Page Ninety seven, third paragraph . Starting from the last word, recite it backwards!”

She hissed this sentence from the slits of her teeth and later on fixed her eyes straight on Huang Yueli, bearing in mind to see what tricks was she going to resort to!

Recite backwards! She had never heard something so nonsensical before!

But although she had never heard of it, it didn’t represent that it would not happen .

Such a nonsensical matter happening right in front of her eyes, completely reversing her perception upside down!

Huang Yueli really started reciting it, moreover, still using that sweet voice and that soft tone, which was totally no difference from what she was reciting earlier

at all .

Her recitation made everyone totally stunned .

Only a ghost would know what she was talking about! Who else was able to recite it backwards just like her!

Everyone leaned closed to each other and matched the book, looking at it carefully word for word, seriously looking and looking hard before they believed that Huang

Yueli was really not trying to take them for a ride, but was really reciting it backwards . Moreover… . She really didn’t missed out a single word at all!

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“My heavens! Really… really no mistakes at all! She really recited it out!”

“Reciting it backwards smoothly! This is really called reciting it backwards smoothly! I’ve gained new knowledge today!”

“How did she do this? Is there really someone with such good memory? I simply want to kneel down towards Young Miss Bai!”

“So awesome, ahhhh~~!”

Amid the fluctuating screams, in everyone’s hearts, to be able to do until such a step, it was already not just marvel but a miracle!

This simply broke through everyone’s imagination limit!

Shu Yali was completely stunned as she stood in a daze at the original spot as she turned stiff completely .

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It was until now that she genuinely realised just how big of a difference she was as compared to Huang Yueli!

So it turned out that all the hard work which she had put in over the years for her achievements, was merely something which someone else could easily

achieve within a quarter of an hour . Moreover the accomplishment that the other person had derived at, had far surpassed her!

When Huang Yueli made a bet with her, she was certain that success was within her grasp . To put it even more clearly, she had just been playing around with her and by the time she got enough of playing, she would give her a fatal strike!

This kind of percussion was too huge, so much that Shu Yali was simply about to collapse .

“… Young Miss Shu, Young Miss Shu?”

Shu Yali was given a push on her back before she barely gathered her senses, meeting with Huang Yueli’s gaze .

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“I’ve already give my question earlier, did you hear it? It’s your turn!”

Shu Yali bit her lips as she trembled all over .

She really wasn’t resigned to admit her defeat to an ordinary person . As a third rank Pill Master, she had her pride and it was totally destroyed!

But even if she was beaten to death, it was impossible for her to recite any part of it at all!

A loser who agreed to bet must accept the loss and in front of so many people, there was no way that she could renege on it .

Her small face paled as she lowered her head finally as she mumbled softly, “I… I can’t recite it out, I admit my loss!”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she gave a shocked expression, “What did you say? Didn’t you say that you were able to recite it backwards smoothly? How could the talented young lady from the Alchemist Guild not be able to do so? I know that you treat Brother Liu in awe but you must never ever give way to me because of that!”