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Chapter 1951: Pill Master’s apprentice (2)
Chapter 1951: Pill Master’s apprentice (2)

Huang Yueli decided on this and on the second day’s morning, she already found out where Dai Boqi was residing and personally paid a visit to him .

In order to not be lacking in manners, she even used Liu Buyan’s identity token to enter his store and casually picked a few treasures as a present .

Whoever knew that when she expressed her intent in her visit to the guards, she was actually locked outside and was refused a visit .

“Young Miss Bai, please return . Divine Doctor Dai has already retired in seclusion for many years and he no longer does any consultation for anyone . We don’t know how you managed to find your way here, anyway, Divine Doctor Dai will not meet you!”

Huang Yueli frowned slightly, “But I’m Liu Buyan’s fiancee! Can I trouble you to help me send a message, perhaps he might want to meet me?”

The guard shook his head, “Not to mention that it’s you, even if Divine Doctor Liu came over personally, Divine Doctor Dai would not even be willing to meet him every single time! Moreover speaking, if Divine Doctor Liu can’t even cure the ailments, it’s no use to seek Divine Doctor Dai, so please return!”

Huang Yueli was rendered speechless as she haggled with the guards for some time but still couldn’t convince him .

Looked like she had to think of another way .

Huang Yueli had no choice and just as she was preparing to leave, she crashed right into Feng Zhensheng who was headed this way .

When Feng Zhensheng saw her, he went into a blank first and later revealed a joyful smile .

“Young Miss Bai, so you’ve already thought through this and in the end you’ve still decided to become an apprentice at Divine Doctor Dai’s? This President said this long ago that this is an opportunity of a lifetime! If you miss this, you will definitely regret it in future! It’s just nice that you’re here, I was just bringing a new batch of apprentices to report to him, so come on along!”

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Huang Yueli blinked and her thoughts were racing swiftly in her mind .

Now she wanted to meet Dai Boqi and momentarily there weren’t any ideas so why not just smuggle in along with these Pill Master apprentices before finding a chance to do so .

But Feng Zhensheng was only thinking about asking her to be some apprentice or something, which somehow felt that there was a plot somewhere… .

Huang Yueli merely hesitated for a short moment and smiled at the very next moment while nodding her head, “Then I’d have to thank President Feng . ”

No matter whatever plots Feng Zhensheng father-daughter duo had in mind, she totally didn’t care about it . Anyway since they only had these few moves, surely they couldn’t really do anything to her right?

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Feng Zhensheng saw that she agreed to it and his heart leapt with joy as he hurriedly indicated for her to join in the line, thinking of bringing the group in .

He had not expected that the guard stopped them again .

“My apologies, President Feng, but haven’t we agreed on this before? The total number of apprentices in this batch is eight people and you suddenly just added one more person . If Divine Doctor Dai were to know about this, it would be hard for This Subordinate to explain isn’t it? Based on Divine Doctor Dai’s temper, it’s not as if you don’t know… . . ”

When Feng Zhensheng heard that, he immediately turned around and pointed at the last girl in the line as he said, “You may leave . ”

The young lady lifted her head in shock, apparently unresigned, “President Feng, I’ve also passed through the various assessments before… . ”

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“Stop your nonsense, now we only need seven people so you can leave now!” Feng Zhensheng replied coldly .

The young lady stared at Huang Yueli at a completely unreconciled look before she walked off while turning her head back in every three steps .

Huang Yueli knew that she was being hated but she didn’t bother about it .

She deserved to be pitied for her once in a lifetime chance being grabbed away by others .

But it was like this in Soaring Heavens Continent . No matter if it was in the way of cultivation or something else, there were just such rare chances and it could be easily snatched away by some people with links at any moment .

If she had anyone to blame… she could only blame herself for not being good enough!