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Chapter 1950: 1950
Chapter 1950: Pill Master’s apprentice (1)

Huang Yueli stretched out her hand as she lifted the bowl of medicinal soup and a nose piercing bitter whiff was inhaled making her frown unbearably .

This medicine was really very hard to swallow!

For an instance, she couldn’t wait to throw it all away .

But after hesitating for a moment, she put the bowl by the side of her lips as she lifted up her head and downed the entire bowl .

She wasn’t a small child so no matter how bitter the medicine was, it would go away after a little endurance! Most importantly, she had to resume her memories as soon as possible .

During this period where she had lost her memories, she felt extremely frustrated internally and she could not sleep well every night .

She heard from the female attendant that she would often moan and sleep talk in the middle of the night, as though she was extremely terrified and frightened, but when she woke up the next morning, she wasn’t able to recall the dream which she had last night .

This kind of situation made her seriously lack a sense of security and coerced her to search for her lost memories even more anxiously .

However, although she persisted in taking the medication daily, but her amnesia symptoms didn’t seem to have taken a good turn physically .

After downing the medicinal bowl, Huang Yueli started to sense a little giddiness .

This was a reaction which she would encounter every single time after she finished the medication .

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Hence she wasn’t anxious over this . Instead she laid down calmly on the bed and drifted off to sleep not too long later .

By the time she woke up again, the sky had already turned pitch dark .

Huang Yueli couldn’t help but creased her brows . Unknowingly, another day passed by and the duration of her giddiness seemed to have lengthened? Somehow she felt that this wasn’t a good sign .

However, Liu Buyan wasn’t around and she didn’t feel good about finding someone else to take her pulse because anyone might be Feng Zhensheng father-daughter duo’s lackey .

The female attendant brought in a tray containing her dinner as she walked in, “Young Miss Bai, you’re finally awake, do you want to have your dinner?”

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Huang Yueli nodded her head as she sat beside the table and picked up her chopsticks but hesitated for a moment before she suddenly asked, “Do you know… . about Divine Doctor Dai, Dai Boqi, is he still staying within the Alchemist Guild Headquarters?”

The female attendant wasn’t surprised by her question and she instantly smiled .

“Know, of course I know . Divine Doctor Dai is Divine Doctor Liu’s Master and I heard that he used to be a ninth ranked Pill Master . Only it was rumoured that he’s already very old and his health isn’t very good so he had been recuperating in seclusion . Are you intending to pay a visit to this elderly man?”

Huang Yueli didn’t reply to her question but was seemingly in deep thought, “Since he is Brother Liu’s Master… . His medical skills should be very good?”

Female attendant replied, “This servant doesn’t know all these but had once heard the other Pill Masters mentioned about this . In terms of medical skills, Divine Doctor Liu had already surpassed his Master long ago . I heard that back then when Divine Doctor Liu explored the ancient mystic regions with Blue Profound Sect’s Sovereign Mu, they had once activated a God grade Divine Doctor’s treasury and obtained many God Realm’s ancient records hence he formed his own style of medical skills . But Divine Doctor Dai is said to specialise in treating brain and meridians damage, and this aspect is even more outstanding than Divine Doctor Liu…”

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When Huang Yueli heard that, she got excited and her hand trembled as she dropped the chopsticks onto the floor .

The female attendant had a shock, “Young Miss Bai, are you alright?”

Huang Yueli then regained her senses as she picked up the chopsticks and smiled, “Nothing . Tomorrow morning please make some preparations, I’ll head over to pay a visit to his Divine Doctor Dai . ”

Her giddiness symptoms were becoming more serious and she was still worried about who to seek for a consultation .

Since Liu Buyan’s Master specialised in this sort of illness, then he should be the best suited candidate .

Surely he wouldn’t harm his own disciple right?