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Chapter 1949
Chapter 1949: Freeloader (6)

As Dai Boji’s age was indeed very old, rumoured to be at least over five hundred years old, hence many people spread the rumour that he had already died of old age .

She had not expected that, he was still alive?

Feng Zhensheng continued to say, “Old Divine Doctor Dai’s medical skills are something which everyone could see with their own eyes . Moreover the disciples he taught were first rate so every time his courtyard was short of manpower, numerous young Pill Masters would fight over this to get enrolled . You are Divine Doctor Liu’s fiancée so in future there would be times when you need to have dealings with Divine Doctor Dai so if you learn properly from him, as long as you’re able to maintain on good relationship with Divine Doctor Dai, Divine Doctor Liu will definitely be ecstatic . ”

Feng Zhensheng kept on persuading her patiently, as though he was thinking on her behalf .

Huang Yueli blinked as her heart was filled with puzzlement .

Feng Zhensheng’s words sounded as though there wasn’t anything wrong with it and not only was there no issue, it seemed as though he had even done her a great favour!

Like what he said, as Liu Buyan’s fiancée, going over to Dai Boji to become his apprentice, would not only enable her to gain knowledge on pill refining, moreover it will also enable her to get into a good relationship with Liu Buyan’s Master so it was really a task with many benefits .

But she didn’t believe that the sky would drop a cake for no reason .

Feng family’s father-daughter duo should be waiting for a chance to get rid of her, so even if it was because of Liu Buyan’s sake, they wouldn’t dare exact revenge on her in the open, but there was also no reason for them to help her in this way .

There… . was definitely a plot in this!

But she couldn’t figure out what the plot was at all?

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Huang Yueli pondered over this as she said, “This matter… . can you give me some time to consider it?”

Before Feng Zhensheng could say a word, Feng Xiaoyan wasn’t able to endure it as she started to exclaim loudly, “What else do you have to consider? Father has already given you such a good opportunity and you’re still nitpicking? To tell you the truth, we Alchemist Guild do not rear freeloaders and everyone in the Guild has to work! Don’t think of just relying on Divine Doctor Liu’s face to freeload to pass time! If you’re not willing to be an apprentice, then be like the female attendant to sweep the streets! Otherwise, scram out of the Alchemist Guild Headquarters!”

“Yan’er!” Feng Zhensheng frowned as he pretended to be very angry but the words that came out of his mouth were, “Although we Alchemist Guild indeed has this regulation, but Young Miss Bai is after all still young and she’s Divine Doctor Liu’s fiancée…”

He intentionally said this, seemingly as though he understood Huang Yueli’s situation but in fact he was hinting that if she refused to work, it would be intentionally taking advantage of the Guild .

Generally young ladies had thinner skin and when they heard these words, they would definitely feel utterly embarrassed and would immediately express that they would work hard to contribute to the Guild with their humble efforts .

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Alas, Huang Yueli’s skin was totally not thin at all .

Not only was she not ashamed, instead she put on a relieved expression .

“President Feng, you’re just too nice! Thank you for your understanding, I’d better rest a little while more! To tell the truth, the injury on my head hasn’t totally recovered until now and sometimes when I walk, I will still feel giddy . ”

She stood up, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll make a move first!”

Feng Zhensheng had a dazed look when he saw her, apparently not expecting that this would be her reply!

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Feng Xiaoyan was also stunned for a moment and by the time she regained her senses, Huang Yueli had already left without even turning her head back .

Returning back to her room, Huang Yueli saw the pitch black medicinal soup on the table .

This kind of medicinal soup was exactly the soup which Liu Buyan made her drink every day .

Although he wasn’t in the Guild, but the female attendants still followed according to his request to brew the medication for Huang Yueli on time daily .