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Chapter 1945: 1945
Chapter 1945: Freeloader (2)

Feng Zhensheng was still upset as his eyes popped out and he was blowing his mustache, totally not believing in her gibberish .

“You say she’s the one who harmed you? Where’s your evidence? What she said this afternoon in the main hall is correct, she’s just an ordinary person without an ounce of Profound Energy! Just based on her, would she have the guts to find trouble with a big group like you guys? And also the self-destruction mechanism in the Books Depository, only successive Presidents know about it, even Liu Buyan is unclear of where it is! How could she possibly trigger the mechanism? At this juncture, you’re still trying to lie to me?”

Feng Xiaoyan felt extremely aggrieved by his strict accusation and thinking of her injured fingers, the sorrow seemed to flow out from her heart as she cried out loudly .

“Father, it’s really not like this! Your daughter has really been harmed by that little slut! Yes, I lied to everyone and I was the one who made trouble for her but later on the fire at the Books Depository and my fingers getting injured, were all caused by her! Father, I’m your biological daughter . Can you bear to see me becoming so miserable and not exact revenge for me?”

When Feng Zhensheng heard her crying so sadly, he frowned and started to have misgivings .

After all she was his adored daughter . Seeing her in this state, Feng Zhensheng naturally felt a heartache .

“What on earth is going on? Tell me clearly and this time round, you can’t lie to me anymore! Otherwise, even if Father wanted to help you take your revenge, I have no idea how to!”

“Yes, I… I don’t dare to lie to Father… . ”

Feng Xiaoyan didn’t dare to lie this time round as she hurriedly wiped her tears and spoke chokingly as she described the exact round of events that happened a few days ago .

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The more Feng Zhensheng heard, the more doubtful he got, “So your meaning is, a trash without any innate talent like her, was able to defeat your group of at least third stage realm practitioners with just a few punches and kicks? Is this for real?”

Feng Xiaoyan hurriedly emphasized, “It’s true, it’s really true! What I said this time is the absolute truth! I swear to Heaven that if I were to say another false sentence, my fingers will never heal forever!”

This oath, to a Pill Master, was the most vicious kind!

When Feng Zhensheng heard that, he simply had no way to suspect that Feng Xiaoyan was lying .

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But what she said made one feel that it was totally unfathomable!

“Alright, even if you lasses concentrate more on refining pills every day and not know how to cross hands with anyone thus falling into her scheme . But later on the reason for the fire was indeed because the self-destruction mechanism had been triggered! It is impossible for her to know what to do! Could it really be such a coincidence?”

“No, impossible! This is absolutely not a coincidence! I saw it with my own eyes that she ran towards that corner! At that time she was totally able to leave the Books Depository courtyard, but she insisted on running to that dead end which is totally illogical . She did that on purpose because she wanted to burn all of us alive!” Feng Xiaoyan exclaimed anxiously .

“But, this totally isn’t explainable…”

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Feng Zhensheng wound his forehead tightly as he remained puzzled after much thought .

No matter how he cracked his brain, he could never have imagined that this little young lass, following beside Liu Buyan, with beauty but was a piece of trash, was the once famous exceptional peerless top exponent Huang Yueli!

Feng Xiaoyan cried as she spoke, “Father, what your daughter said is all true! I turned out like this because I was harmed by that little slut, so you must help me exact my revenge! You absolutely cannot allow her to roam about freely here!”

Feng Zhensheng had already believed in her words .

“Alright, Father believes in you, but you don’t have any evidence at all!”