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Chapter 1944: 1944
Chapter 1944: Freeloader (1)

Li Moying… was the inner demon which resided in his heart!

Once, he was his best buddy and the two of them had experienced innumerable difficult situations… . .

If Li Moying really died like this, if he obviously could save him, but yet watch him die in front of him… .

From the moment that Liu Buyan abducted Huang Yueli, he had actually swore that he would absolutely not return to Blue Profound Sect .

But every single day that he spent in the Alchemist Guild, he was being tormented deeply inside his heart .

Facing Huang Yueli’s pure and sweet smile, the guilt in his heart almost consumed him entirely!

So, at last he could not take this kind of pressure and returned to Blue Profound Sect .

But for him to do a consultation for Li Moying like this, watching this man get well by the day, being together with his beloved woman whereas he could only be a bystander forever just like sixteen years ago… he wasn’t resigned to it!

Under Liu Buyan’s calm appearance, his inner heart was on the verge of degrandement!

Cang Po Jun heard the hesitation in his tone and his heart leapt with joy as he asked anxiously, “Divine Doctor Liu, This Subordinate knows that you will not ignore Sovereign! Will you please follow This Subordinate back please!”

Liu Buyan regained his senses from his contradictory emotions as he frowned, “No, no way!”

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“Divine Doctor Liu??” Cang Po Jun took an astonished look at him .

Liu Buyan spoke with a chill in his voice, “It’s not that I’m not willing to do a consultation for him, but… he himself who doesn’t want to do it! Anyway he still has the last seven days and if you want your Sovereign to continue living his life, then remember to advise him to not make life difficult for himself! That’s all I have to say!”

Cang Po Jun was at a loss, “Divine Doctor Liu, these words… . What do you mean?”

However, Liu Buyan had no wish to explain further as he flicked his sleeves and with a leap, he disappeared in the dark night .

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In the silent night .

“Sob sob sob, Father, your daughter is in so much pain, so miserable… my fingers are so painful and I totally can’t move it at all, surely I’m not really finished right? Will I really not be able to refine pill anymore? Father! You must take revenge for me!”

Feng Xiaoyan laid on the pillow as she bellowed loudly .

Her sadness really was from the depths of her heart because she was really too miserable today!

Originally she thought that things were perfect and she would be able to chase Huang Yueli out of the Alchemist Guild today, then secretly do away with her love rival outside the Alchemist Guild .

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In the end, things turned out contrary to her wishes and not only did Huang Yueli remained safe and sound, instead her fingers suffered from a second round of injury and this time round, it really was untreatable!

Moreover, after this round of confrontation, her reputation had been swept onto the ground as all the Elders in the Alchemist Guild were all dubious towards her character . The noble daughter image which she had painstakingly built up was totally ruined!

Feng Zhensheng heard her cries and was as frustrated as he could be .

He had already been dissatisfied since some time ago and on hearing her endless crying, he finally could not help but berated her angrily, “Cry cry cry, you still have the cheek to cry! I’m the one who wants to cry! I believed that you wouldn’t tell any lies hence I found Bai Ruoli to seek justice for you! In the end? You actually found two people to commit perjury and was even exposed in front of everyone! How do you want me to continue being the President from now on? Who else will believe that I am impartial when I deal with matters?”

Feng Xiaoyan cried even more miserably, “Father, I didn’t lie to you . My fingers are injured, really . . It is really caused by Bai Ruoli!”