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Chapter 1928: 1928
Chapter 1928: Acting like a fool (4)

The guard had apparently not thought that Huang Yueli would actually asking this question and he froze on the spot .

Huang Yueli stared at his eyes and repeated her question, “Did you hear my question clearly? Then let me repeat once again . When I went to look for Feng Xiaoyan, how many people were beside her?”

A drop of sweat trickled down the guard’s forehead .

This question consisted of just too many minor details and when he and Feng Xiaoyan colluded together, they had entirely missed this point out so naturally there was no way to prepare for this first .

Moreover, when he charged into the Books Depository, he only noticed that Feng Xiaoyan had fallen so badly that her head was swollen like a pig head so he totally did not place any attention on that pile of young ladies who had fallen down or how many of them were there!

He really didn’t know the correct answer to this question…

Huang Yueli waited for a moment and on seeing that he didn’t reply, she urged him, “How many were there? Didn’t you witness it with your own eyes?”

“Right, how many people were there . Such a simple question, aren’t you able to reply to this?”

“Isn’t his memory a little too weak? This just happened a couple of days ago!”

“Could it be that he really didn’t witness it with his own eyes and that he’s lying?”

Quite a number of Elders revealed a puzzled look and the guard knew that the situation was getting bad so he could only braced himself to reply, “At… at that time there were too many people . Moreover it was Young Miss Feng’s private affairs so it wasn’t nice… wasn’t nice for me to keep staring, so… . I don’t really remember clearly now . There were probably… . around five to six people!”

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“Five to six?” Huang Yueli’s brows rose as she questioned relentlessly, “Was it five, or was it six?”

The sweat on the guard’s forehead started dripping down and his heart was crying out anxiously . It was at this moment when he realised that the young lady in front of him seemed gentle but in actual fact she was basically putting on a mask to disguise everyone in the world .

She was actually an incredible character . Just a few mere words and she had already pushed him to such an awkward position .

Huang Yuelin intentionally made the guard and the Pill Master answer the question separately and the minute their answers weren’t consistent, wouldn’t that represent that their testimonials had a problem?

But under such circumstances, the guard couldn’t not reply to her question so he could only try his best to recall the circumstances back then but whenever he tried to recall on this, it was only filled with that twisted comical face of Feng Xiaoyan .

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“Should… should be… five!”

“No, you’ve remembered wrongly! It should be… . . ”

Hearing this answer, the first to have a reaction was not Huang Yueli, nor was it any of the Elders but Feng Xiaoyan who slumped on the sofa!

The guard’s answer was so ridiculous that she immediately tensed up and was about to butt in to correct him .

But how would Huang Yueli possibly give her a chance to stir up trouble?

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She immediately growled loudly, “Shut up! Young Miss Feng, I’m now having a confrontation with your witness and if you were to butt in now, are you attempting to lead the witness into colluding with you?”

“I… why would I have such an intention, it’s… . . ”

Feng Xiaoyan clenched her teeth, trying to think of reasons to deny this .

Huang Yueli laughed coldly as she said, “Then will you please not say a word! Otherwise all the Elders here are all watching! Anyone who dares to pull a fast one, will not be able to escape everyone’s eyes!”

Now that things had developed to such a stage, the Elders all naturally became suspicious .

“Young Miss Feng, please do not interrupt at this point in time . If there’s anything that you wish to say, you may do so after the confrontation has ended but for now, please maintain your silence!”