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Chapter 1927
Chapter 1927: Acting like a fool (3)

“I will absolutely not make use of Brother Liu’s identity token to absolve myself of the crime! But if the truth is proven that someone else is up to mischief… . . ” Huang Yueli gave a meaningful look at Feng Xiaoyan, “Elders, towards that person who was up to mischief, how should we deal with that person?”

The Elders all looked at one another in dismay and after some time, someone expressed, “This… if anyone dared to malign you, then it would naturally be to double the fault!”

“That’s right, I will judge fairly and no matter who is at fault, the person will not be let off easily!”


All the Elders started to nod their heads in agreement .

On seeing this stance, Feng Xiaoyan knew that no matter how she rolled around or threw a tantrum, it would not be of any use and she could only accept this result . But if it really gave that sly wretched lass any chance to find a flaw… wouldn’t she have to bear “double the fault”?

She shot her gaze back to Feng Zhensheng and stared hard at him, hoping that he would understand her hint to come out and stop Huang Yueli .

Actually Feng Zhensheng already felt that something was amiss . Hearing Huang Yueli’s irrefutable speech, could she really have any evidence?

If it was true, then things would turn out in a terrible state! Maligning Liu Buyan’s fiancée, moreover she was his beloved and adored fiancée, this matter… would not be settled easily!

Moreover, he totally had not expected Feng Xiaoyan to lie to him . From Feng Xiaoyan’s glare now, he seemed to have understood something and he was feeling shocked and guilty in his heart but he had no way to stop Huang Yueli now .

Huang Yueli no longer cared about the situation between the Feng father and daughter duo .

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She walked directly over to the two witnesses guard and young female Pill Master and after sizing them up a few times, she opened her mouth .

“Earlier you said that I bullied Feng Xiaoyan . The scenario, was it something that you had witnessed with your own eyes?”

The both of them had assumed that their duty was finally completed but they had not expected the development of the matter to take a turn and not only was Huang Yueli not captured, she even confronted them .

The two of them instantly became anxious .

But they were very clear that since they had already told lies and the price for betraying Feng Xiaoyan was too high to be paid . Moreover even if they owned up and told the truth, they were not able to absolve themselves from the crime so their only way out was to bit on the truth which they had said earlier .

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Anyway, the story which they had fabricated, there were no loopholes in the cause and effect and as long as the both of them did not let slip, then the one who would get into trouble would still be Huang Yueli!

The two of them had their own calculations and upon hearing that, they immediately nodded their heads .

“That’s right, I saw it with my own eyes!”

“Me too! I say, Young Miss Bai, will you still try to deny this . The truth is exactly as I’ve described earlier, there is absolutely no falsification in this at all!”

Huang Yueli ignored the guard’s words and only nodded her head calmly but continued to speak, “For the next question, the both of you must answer separately! Will any Elder please help to lead this female Pill Master out first? Please guarantee that she will not be able to hear any sound from the main hall?”

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One Elder who was seated in a superior seat stood up, “Let me do it!”

Huang Yueli turned her head and sized him up for a few glances .

The elderly man said, “Don’t worry young lass, I’ve watched Liu Buyan grow up and will definitely not harm him . ”

Huang Yueli nodded her head, expressing for the elderly man to lead her away .

When the young lady’s figure disappeared from the door, Huang Yueli then turned around and asked the next question indifferently .

“When I went to seek trouble for Feng Xiaoyan, how many people were beside her at that time?”