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Published at 3rd of December 2020 02:35:18 PM

Chapter 1926
Chapter 1926: Acting like a fool (2)

She gave a sharp shrill and covered her face immediately .

“You… you actually dare… dare to push the screen… you’ve gone overboard, too malicious! Go away quickly! Go away!”

Huang Yueli gave a cold smile as she said, “Feng Xiaoyan, touch your own conscience and ask yourself, who is the one who went overboard? Who’s malicious? You’re the one hiding behind the screen pretending to cry, finding some shameless things to be witnesses and you think that you are able to frame me? If I were to say, your state today is something that you’ve reaped on your own! It’s retribution!”

Feng Xiaoyan’s miserable state was exposed in front of the crowd and she felt extremely embarrassed . Her heart was originally anxious and awkward and now that she had been criticised by Huang Yueli, she was on the verge of a breakdown .

“You… you’re bullying intolerably! Did you think that just because you had Divine Doctor Liu’s token, then you will be able to marry him? A wretched woman like you harbours such malicious intents, if Divine Doctor Liu were to see your true self, he will definitely rescind the engagement with you!”

By now, the shocked audience had all started to regain their senses .

Feng Zhensheng walked over personally as he spoke out angrily, “Young Miss Bai, what do you mean by this! This President had already tolerated you time and again but you still act in such a way, bullying others intolerably! Did you really think that just based on a piece of identity token, the Alchemist Guild was really a place where you could act recklessly at will?”

Huang Yueli turned around slowly as she faced Feng Zhensheng .

“President Feng, I’ve never intended to use Brother Liu’s identity token to absolve myself from the crime but it’s you all who refused to listen to my defence! As long as you give me a fair chance to confront them, I will naturally let everyone know what the truth to this matter really is! It is President Feng you, who didn’t give me a chance to defend myself and you’re so anxious to pin the crime on me, could it be that you’re feeling guilty?”

“You… are you trying to hint that This President is framing you?” Feng Zhensheng’s eyes grew wide .

Huang Yueli said, “Where did you even hear that this is a hint? I’m already pointing right at your nose to scold you, can’t you tell? You’re intentionally trying to conceal Feng Xiaoyan’s crime!”

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Feng Zhensheng was shaking with anger, “Simply a load of nonsense! This President had always been impartial and fair, obvious to all!”

“Then why don’t you allow me to confront the witnesses? Are you afraid that I will be able to ask the real truth which cannot be known to others?”

“Why won’t I dare?” Feng Zhensheng immediately responded .

Huang Yueli nodded her head with a faint smile, “Very well! Then will all the Elders here please be my witness!”

Looking at Feng Zhensheng about to nod his head, Feng Xiaoyan cried out immediately, “Argh, it’s so painful, so painful! Father, don’t believe in this wretched lass’s rubbish . She used her successive lies to cheat Divine Doctor Liu’s trust! Don’t you ever believe in the nonsense that she’s saying!”

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“This… . ” Feng Zhensheng started to hesitate again .

Huang Yueli’s gaze turned towards Feng Xiaoyan .

“Young Miss Feng is so anxious, could it be that you’re feeling guilty? Or are you trying to say that in your eyes, all the Elders here are brainless dumb stuff, who could be used easily just by a few mere words?”

Feng Xiaoyan was momentarily stuffed .

She was really thinking that in her mind and if it wasn’t for the fact that Pill Masters were dumb enough, she would not had been able to make use of their sympathy earlier to malign Huang Yueli .

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But now that Huang Yueli had put things across like this, if she dared to speak the truth, wouldn’t she offend all the Elders?

When Huang Yueli saw that, her smile blossomed even more radiantly as it made Feng Xiaoyan feel fear and trepidation .

“How about this, after the confrontation, if all of you still think that I’ve harmed Young Miss Feng, then I’m willing to take responsibility for all the blame . ”