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Chapter 1912: Seen through by her? (4)
Chapter 1912: Seen through by her? (4)

The young ladies all started to emit different Profound Energy fluctuations .

Feng Xiaoyan took a few steps upwards as she pressed near Huang Yueli and spoke out complacently, “How is it? Afraid now?”

Huang Yeuli’s expression was calm as she took a glance at her, “Why should I be afraid of you?”

Feng Xiaoyan saw that she was still so composed and became even more utterly discomfited, “Why should you be afraid? Is your head filled with water? Don’t you know? We are all respectable Pill Masters while you are just an ordinary person and you totally have no right to stay in the Alchemist Guild Headquarters! Moreover, you don’t even have a single bit of cultivation whereas we… are all practitioners!”

Wishing to become a Pill Master, the most basic requirement was to have a fourth grade talent and above in both Earth and Fire dual attributes . Whereas those who were able to enter the Alchemist Guild Headquarters are all geniuses who would be greatly nurtured, and had at least seventh grade talent .

Although the Pill Master’s battle standard was not high and they were not especially hardworking in terms of their cultivation, but at least there was a certain cultivational standard because when they were refining pills, there would be many moments when they needed to rely on their Profound Energy .

So those young ladies present were at least in third stage realm cultivation and whereas Feng Xiaoyan had just broken through to the fifth stage realm!

Although her kind of fifth stage realm probably couldn’t even beat an attendant in Blue Profound Sect who was responsible for factotum, but Feng Xiaoyan had assumed that Huang Yueli was an ordinary person and felt that crushing her to death was as easy as crushing an ant .

Huang Yueli took a cold look at her as she said, “You wish to take action against me? Have you ever considered that if Brother Liu came back and found out what you did… what result would it yield?”

Feng Xiaoyan laughed coldly, “So what if Brother Liu finds out? Non Pill Masters are not permitted to enter the Alchemist Guild so there’s nothing wrong with chasing you out! Stop the gibberish, it’s of no use no matter what you say . I’ve already given you a chance earlier but you don’t know what’s good for you, so now… no one can save you!”

Saying that, she directed the young ladies to proceed and capture her .

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“Let me, let me! Dealing with this trash, do we even need Eldest Young Miss to take action personally?”

“That’s right, she’s the one who doesn’t know what’s good for her . Let’s give her a beating then throw her out!”

“Let me have a kick at her too!”

The young ladies all swamped up excitedly!

They originally were filled with envy and jealousy with Huang Yueli and now with Feng Xiaoyan leading the pack, they were all fighting head over heels to teach her a lesson!

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Moreover speaking, for someone like Huang Yueli, a trash with no cultivation innate talent at all, she was someone who could be bullied easily and usually it was really not easy to meet with one at all! There’s no danger in punching her at all!

Feng Xiaoyan’s face revealed a cold smile, as she waited for Huang Yueli to kneel down to beg for mercy .

However, when Huang Yueli looked at these young ladies’ movements, she did not reveal any flustered display . Instead her eyes only had the smiling intent of ridicule .

Actually, she herself didn’t understand why she wasn’t afraid at all .

The disparity between both parties’ ability was obvious and she knew that she had no Profound Energy within her at all .

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But when she saw these young ladies showing off such clumsy moves, she only found it amusing .

Such kiddy tricks and they dare to claim that they were practitioners? Any practitioner stronger than them by one hundred times who stood before them would reduce them to capitulation!

Huang Yueli’s mind suddenly flashed past some images .

As though… . she had once been engaged in a battle with someone else previously . The vivid actions seemed as though it had happened just yesterday .

In an instance, she suddenly felt bouts of dizziness and her feet turned soft and almost fell .