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Chapter 1911: Seen through by her? (3)
Chapter 1911: Seen through by her? (3)

Feng Xiaoyan stared at her intently, as she pressured her slowly, “How is it? Have you considered carefully already? Once you pass this village, you will not be able to find this shop anymore! I’d advise you to quit while you’re ahead and don’t be too greedy beyond your means . There is a limit to my patience!”

Huang Yueli smiled as she said, “Will you really give me the seventh levelled medicinal pills?”

Feng Xiaoyan thought that her interest had been piqued and the sight of disdain beneath her eyes started to flow outwards .

Indeed she was a woman who was only after petty gains, so she totally wasn’t worthy of her male god Liu Buyan!

She immediately replied, “That’s right, I will really give it to you! What identity do I have? Of course whatever I say counts and with so many people here to testify for you, what are you worried about?”

Huang Yueli nodded her head when she heard that .

Feng Xiaoyan immediately cried out in joy, “That means, you agree to leave? That’s great, go pack up immediately and tomorrow morning I will… . ”

“When have I said that I will leave?” Huang Yueli interrupted her, “I only wanted to say that Young Miss Feng you’re rather generous, indeed the President’s daughter! But I’ve always never liked to be tormented and since I’m staying well right here, I have no intention to shift houses . I can only take in Young Miss Feng’s kind intentions and reject your proposal . ”

“You… you tricked me??”

Feng Xiaoyan had just started to get excited when she was splashed on her head with a bucket of cold water, and she instantly turned utterly discomfited .

“What on earth do you want? I’ve already given you so much money!”

Huang Yueli laughed as she pointed out, “I might have the life to take the money, but might not have the life to spend it… . . ”

Feng Xiaoyan’s heart thumped hard, and she looked at Huang Yueli in disbelief in fear and trepidation!

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She was able to come out with so much money because she already had some plans in her mind, hence she acted so generously!

From what she thought, Huang Yueli was after all an ordinary person and as long as she left the Alchemist Guild’s turf, a gorgeous young lady like her totally had no way to protect herself and could be easily eliminated . Moreover… . it would not leave any handle on her at all!

Later on even if Liu Buyan started to probe into this, so many people had seen Huang Yueli leaving the Alchemist Guild after taking the money, no matter how angry Liu Buyan was, he would never go look for Huang Yueli again .

After all, a woman who was only interested in his money, would definitely shatter his heart and send him into extreme disappointment!

Feng Xiaoyan was counting her chickens before they hatched and she felt that Huang Yueli wasn’t even a practitioner, and didn’t seem to have any family background so she must be inexperienced and could not possibly see through her plan .

But now, from Huang Yueli’s tone… .

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Has she been seen through by her??

While Feng Xiaoyan was in a state of bewilderment, Huang Yueli had already stood up and prepared to leave .

Feng Xiaoyan immediately shot up like an arrow as she blocked her way .

“No way, you haven’t agreed to my terms so you’re not allowed to leave!”

Huang Yueli’s face started to turn chilly, “I’ve already said that I’m not leaving, what else do you want?”

Feng Xiaoyan’s eyes flashed past a bitter glow .

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Although her aim had been seen through by Huang Yueli, she instead had lesser worries as she started to bare her fangs .

“I’m not discussing with you, I’m ordering you, scram out of the Alchemist Guild right now! If your attitude is good, I can still give you some money but since you refused the proffered wine and wished to take the punishment wine, then don’t blame me for being impolite!”

Saying that, her right hand waved, “Everyone let’s go up and chase this little slut out for me! I want to see, without Divine Doctor Liu here to protect you, just how arrogant can you remain to be!”

Her words had just fallen and all the young ladies all surrounded her .