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Chapter 1910: 1910
Chapter 1910: Seen through by her? (2)

“That’s right! Did you think that just because you look pretty, then you’d be able to keep a man’s heart? I’m telling you, Divine Doctor Liu is only looking for a fresh new experience for now and by the time the novelty wears off, he will definitely ditch you!”

“That’s right . For someone with a status like Divine Doctor Liu, his wife should be an alchemist genius who is in tune with him! Otherwise her cultivation innate talent should be outstanding, which is barely passable . Of course her status must match him as well, who do you think you are?”

Huang Yueli couldn’t help but give a giggle .

These words were indeed really very sour . She thought that she would be very angry when she heard these words because logically speaking, so many ladies like her fiancé and even dared to come over to provoke her, as his fiancée, she should be angry .

But in reality, she only found it comical and at the same time, she sort of pitied these young ladies .

“The man who you like, yet cannot get him, can only ease your pain by using such words . This is really a little pitiful and amusing!” Huang Yueli’s lips curled upwards .

Hearing that, these young ladies flared up .

Especially Feng Xiaoyan, she took a step upwards and spoke in an immodest manner, “Bai Ruoli, don’t think you have won! I am giving you two choices right now . One: You go pack your own stuff and scram out of the Alchemist Guild right now, vowing never to meet Divine Doctor Liu ever again! Two: I’ll get my men to beat you until you are crippled then throw you out!”

Huang Yueli looked at her in astonishment and didn’t say a single word .

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Feng Xiaoyan assumed that she was afraid and her face revealed a complacent smile .

“I think, even idiots will know what to choose, right? I know that a woman like you who does not even have a little bit of innate talent, just merely using a beautiful face to depend on men with ability, has no way to survive in Soaring Heavens Continent! You relied on Divine Doctor Liu, merely to gain benefits from him!”

“How about this, as long as you leave on your own accord, I won’t let you suffer any disadvantages . I’m the Alchemist Guild Headquarters’ President’s daughter and what we lack least are medicinal pills . Before you leave, I’ll gift you with ten pieces of seventh level upper grade medicinal pills . As long as you take one to sell in the Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s auction, you will be able to live in luxury till the end of your life!”

The moment Feng Xiaoyan said that, before Huang Yueli had even expressed anything, the other young ladies present all started to protest .

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“Senior Sister Feng, aren’t you a little too nice to this wretched lass! She’s obviously the shameless one who went around seducing men, why are you still giving her seventh level medicinal pills?”

“That’s right, for an ordinary person like her with no innate talent at all, how would she even need to use such a good thing? It’s simply a reckless waste of natural resources!”

“It’s more than enough to give her third levelled medicinal pills, it’d last her for quite some time after it’s sold!”

Seventh levelled upper grade medicinal pills, to mid and low levelled Pill Masters, were a huge fortune which were in sight but unattainable .

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Only the President’s daughter Feng Xiaoyan, with great riches, would be able to come out with so many at one go! But, this was already half of her fortune!

Coming out with such a huge sum of money, it wasn’t that Feng Xiaoyan didn’t feel the heartache for it . But from how she looked at it, it was most important now to get rid of Huang Yueli once and for all, so spending this amount of money was necessary .

She coughed, “Stop all your words now! I’ve always been generous so as long as Young Miss Bai leaves the Alchemist Guild, I will immediately send you the gift of these ten seventh levelled medicinal pills, with no regrets at all!”