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Chapter 1909
Chapter 1909: Seen through by her? (1)

Huang Yueli lifted her head to discover the group standing in front of her, were those ladies in the Alchemist Guild who were secretly in love with Liu Buyan and the leader of the pack was the President’s daughter Feng Xiaoyan .

Huang Yueli saw through them on first look that this group of ladies came with ill-intentions but she had never treated it as a matter worth concerning over and only spoke out calmly, “Why are you calling me for? We don’t seem to be very close, right?”

Feng Xiaoyan had not expected her to be so impolite to the President’s daughter and immediately flared up .

“Bai Ruoli, is this how you speak? Get things right, we are all respectable Pill Masters whereas you’re just an ordinary person! On what basis do you have to speak to us like this?”

Huang Yueli gave her a fleeting glance, “I wasn’t talking to you ladies? You’re the ones who wanted to talk to me right?”


Feng Xiaoyan was stuffed until she could not say a single word and she immediately got annoyed .

Huang Yueli asked, “Why are you looking for me? If there’s nothing else, please move aside because you’re blocking my way!”

Feng Xiaoyan gritted her teeth and said, “Bai Ruoli, I’m warning you, you’re not allowed to pester Divine Doctor Liu! His identity and his ability isn’t something that a useless young lass like you to be worthy of! You’re better give up! Don’t think that Divine Doctor Liu will definitely marry you in the end, he’s merely just toying with you!”

Hearing that, Huang Yueli revealed a mocking smile .

These ladies liked Liu Buyan and had never masked their intentions so she naturally was able to tell .

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But when Liu Buyan was in the Alchemist Guild, other than dropping by occasionally to say a few profound words of jealousy, they didn’t dare to go overboard, just because they were afraid of Liu Buyan hating them for this .

Now that Liu Buyan had just left, they finally revealed their true faces… . .

Weren’t they a little impatient!

Huang Yueli swept a glance at them all and gave a light laugh as she opened her mouth .

“You saying these… . aren’t you a little too conceited? No matter what, Brother Liu and I are engaged so if he doesn’t marry me, could it be that he will marry you?”

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This sentence hit their Achilles heel right on the spot and everyone’s faces all changed immediately .

They originally had not understood why the usually distinguished and accomplished casual Liu Buyan who acted like a Casanova everywhere suddenly had a fiancée!

Moreover, from the way he looked at this young lady’s care, anyone with eyes was able to tell that Liu Buyan values this young fiancée very much, so perhaps it might even be true love!

But… how was this possible?

Liu Buyan could be said to be the man who was most popular in Soaring Heavens Continent . Although Mu Chengying’s fame was even brighter than his sixteen years ago, but he had after all disappeared for sixteen years so those younger ladies from prominent families totally had not seen his countenance before .

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Moreover, even if it was that year, as Mu Chengying had wooed Huang Yueli relentlessly, what kind of status was Huang Yueli? Who dared to snatch the man from Mythical Flame Palace’s Young Palace Lord and there weren’t many of them who dared to so there would probably be more chances to attract Liu Buyan’s attention .

This group of phoenixes, actually lost in the hands of a young lass… . no one would feel resigned!

Momentarily, all the ladies present were like cats whose tails had been trodden on, as they all started rebuking out of frustration .

“Bai Ruoli, don’t be too smug! So what if you’re engaged? You hadn’t gotten married isn’t it?

“That’s right! Divine Doctor Liu isn’t silly at all so how could he possibly get engaged with you? Take a look at yourself, other than a pretty face, what else do you have?”