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Chapter 1908
Chapter 1908: I’m begging you, please don’t die (3)

But when he felt the young lady’s soft and tender body, feeling the trembles coming from her fingers, he hesitated again .

What on earth was he trying to do?

Waking her up, telling her the most cruel lie, hurting her so that he could gain her heart?

Moreover… . Li Moying was really going to die… . .

Liu Buyan’s expression was gloomy and his eyes were filled with complicated emotions as his fingers kept on trembling and after some time, he clenched them into fists .

Huang Yueli leaned against his shoulder as though she was tired of crying and gradually quietened down . This time round, she was no longer in shock .

Liu Buyan sat by her bedside for a very long time and it was until dawn broke when he suddenly got up and turned around to leave .

By the time Huang Yueli woke up, it was already nine and the sky was extremely bright .

She seldom got up so late usually hence when she took a look at the sky outside, she felt a little dazed . She had already forgotten about the whole scenario where she had been tormented by the nightmare for a good half of the night .

She hurriedly washed up and changed her clothes as she walked to the front hall to take her meal . But as she was eating it, she somehow felt that something was amiss .

“Where’s Brother Liu? Does he have anything on today?”

Usually no matter how busy Liu Buyan was, he would always rush back to accompany her to have her meals . Although she had overslept today, Liu Buyan didn’t appear and that made one feel a little strange .

The female attendant bowed as she replied, “Young Miss Bai, don’t you know? Yesterday night, Divine Doctor Liu suddenly decided to leave to do a consultation for someone, and he will only be back after ten days or so . ”

“Consultation? Who has such great honour to be able to invite him for this?” Huang Yueli blinked .

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This period of time, she had seen Liu Buyan accepting multiple invitations for a consultation and many of them were Sky Emperor City Sky Chart’s top exponents and Liu Buyan totally ignored all of them as he casually threw those invites away .

Huang Yueli ridiculed him for being too lazy so she had not expected that there was anyone who could actually make him leave in the middle of the night?

The female attendant shook her head, “This… . this servant doesn’t know . Before Divine Doctor Liu left, he instructed for Young Miss Bai to recuperate properly and to take your medicine on time . You shouldn’t put on lesser clothes just for the sake of being pretty and you must sleep before 9pm at night . If you feel uncomfortable, you can go look for… . . ”

The female attendant was long-winded as she said a pile of things and that made Huang Yueli’s head grow big as she called out hastily for her to stop .

“Alright, alright, I know already . You can go now, I don’t need anyone to serve me when I’m eating!”

After the female attendant left, Huang Yueli started guessing curiously on the patient’s identity while she ate .

Suddenly, the light bulb flashed in her mind .

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Right, hadn’t she eavesdropped about the conversation that Liu Buyan was having with his guard, that someone by the name of Li Moying in Sky Emperor City was seriously injured and was on the verge of death . Surely the person whom he went to do a consultation for isn’t Li Moying right?

From this place to travel to and fro Sky Emperor City, it indeed required ten days and the timing matched perfectly… .

But hadn’t Liu Buyan said yesterday that Li Moying wasn’t an important figure?

Then why was it that he changed his mind when it was evening time?

Liu Buyan wasn’t around and there was no one to accompany her which made Huang Yueli grow even more bored than before .

She felt that it shouldn’t be like this .

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Although she had no memories, but she somehow felt that she shouldn’t be someone who couldn’t find anything to do once she left a man’s side . On the contrary, she often left her fiancé aside just because… . .

Yi? Just because of doing what? Why can’t she recall it any longer?

Huang Yueli’s brows furrowed as she pondered over this and had not noticed a few young ladies walking over from the garden .

When they saw her, they started to whisper in one another’s ears for a while and subsequently, they started to approach her aggressively .

“Bai Ruoli, so you’re hiding right here!”