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Chapter 1901
Chapter 1901: Who is Li Moying? (2)

In the circle of Pill Masters, Liu Buyan’s reputation could only be described as thunder piercing the ears .

The minute he appeared, even though he didn’t say a word, everyone’s gazes would be concentrated on him so naturally they would not miss the beautiful young lady who appeared right next to him . Everyone had been curious for a long time about the identity of the young lady .

But they weren’t like Feng Xiaoyan, who directly posed the question like that .

They had not imagined that Liu Buyan introduced Huang Yueli as his fiancee the moment he spoke out, and that made many of them surprised with shock .

A casanova like Liu Buyan was engaged! This was simply no different from a fantasy story!

For a moment, numerous young ladies who were secretly in love with Liu Buyan were all devastated . Many sourish discussions fell incessantly on the ears .

The more Feng Xiaoyan thought, the angrier she got as she huffed angrily, “Shut up! All of you shut up! Divine Doctor Liu isn’t that kind of shallow man, how could he possibly just depend on a woman’s looks? He must have been bewitched by that vixen!”

Saying that, she couldn’t make herself stay on any longer as she immediately pushed the door open and left .

Whereas on the other side, Liu Buayn brought Huang Yueli and left, as they walked towards a small river behind the rear mountain .

Liu Buyan lowered his head and looked at the young lady by his side and noticed that her expression was calm and her mood was totally not affected at all . He couldn’t help but frowned as he asked, “Ruoli, earlier that girl, she’s the Alchemist Guild Headquarters’ President’s daughter, called Feng Xiaoyan . She…”

Liu Buyan wanted to say something but hesitated .

Huang Yueli took a look at him, “That Young Miss Feng likes you, right!”

Liu Buyan hurriedly explained, “Right, but I absolutely have no feeling for her! I only… only have some relations with her father so I merely took more care of her . Speaking of this, she’s considered as my junior . Don’t ever think too much into this, and don’t get angry…”

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Huang Yueli blinked and said, “You don’t need to be too worried, I’m not angry . ”

“Really not?”

Huang Yueli looked at him curiously and said, “Why should I be angry? I can tell that your status in the Alchemist Guild is very high and that should mean that you are an abled Pill Master right? Adding on to the fact that you’re so good looking, it’s as normal as it can be for other girls to like you!”

Liu Buyan was stunned, “But, she had already come asking me directly, aren’t you jealous at all?”

Huang Yueli bore an innocent look, “Why should I be jealous? Haven’t you already explained to her clearly, that you already have a fiancee?”


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Liu Buyan held her wrist as he stared at her intently, but words failed to refute her .

Right, this lass indeed was logical and it’s perfectly normal for someone to like him . He had indeed clarified this matter proactively but she really wasn’t jealous at all?

That year when Huang Yueli was with Mu Chengying, although the both of them weren’t engaged, they were in an ambiguous relationship but when Huang Yueli got jealous, she absolutely could cause a huge commotion in the entire Blue Profound Sect… . .

So in the end, this young lass just didn’t like him?

Liu Buyan’s heart felt stuffed but he could say nothing about this .

She didn’t like him, and that was something which he had predicted . Otherwise he wouldn’t need to resort to such underhanded methods before he could keep her by his side .

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Liu Buyan heaved a deep sigh but instead, his determination was aroused .

He didn’t believe that he couldn’t match up to Li Moying! He just made her fall in love with himself!

Another three days passed by and Huang Yueli finally realised just how popular Liu Buyan was in the Alchemist Guild .

As Liu Buyan’s “fiancee”, no matter where she walked to, she would be surrounded by a group of young ladies who were consumed with jealousy and hatred .