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Chapter 1899
Chapter 1899: Offered herself to his doorstep (5)

However, no one could give off the same kind of charm which Huang Yueli had .

Only Bai Ruoli who was standing in front of him… . .

She was obviously a totally different kind of species with Huang Yueli but for that one instant, Liu Buyan felt that he had seen the past Huang Yueli… . .

Huang Yueli didn’t notice his complicated gaze as her eyes shot towards another direction and cried out in excitement, “Wa, so the place we are living in is so huge! I don’t even know about this! Is this your home?”

Just outside her room was a large garden where various coloured flowers were planted .

These flora were not only beautiful, it also gave of a faint scent making one’s heart and mind pleased .

Huang Yueli couldn’t help but gasped, “It’s too fragrant, these… are medicinal herbs?”

Liu Buyan stood by her side as he smiled, “Your eyesight is rather good! These are indeed medicinal herbs planted and that’s because… . this isn’t a garden, but a field of medicine . ”

“Huh??” Huang Yueli’s eyes widened .

Liu Buyan said, “I remember telling you this a couple of days ago isn’t it? I’m a Pill Master and moreover, a rather famous one at that… . . ”

Huang Yueli nodded blankly, “Right, it really seemed that you’ve said that but these medicinal herbs all look very expensive, they seem as though it’s hard to grow?”

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Of course it was difficult to plant, these were practically seventh level and above rare medicinal herbs and usually, it was impossible to get even one stalk in the market .

As Liu Buyan looked simply too young from his exterior and he claimed that they were engaged since young, hence Huang Yueli felt that he should not be much older than her by too much . Moreover, he should only be on the second or third rank standard .

Pill Masters as compared to Armament Masters were more particular in terms of experience and seniority . Pill Masters who were thirty years and below was already considered a genius if they were already at third rank .

Liu Buyan shook his head and said, “These are not planted by me, but if I want, I can use it freely . ”

Saying that, he gently put his arm around Huang Yueli’s waist, leading her towards the other end of the corridor .

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“Let’s go, I’ll bring you for a tour . ”

Huang Yueli’s cultivation was sealed so she totally could not evade him and could only be embraced by him .

The two of them shuttered past the medicine farm and came to the front of the house . Huang Yueli’s shock grew because every single person in this entire courtyard, without exception, were all wearing the Pill Master’s uniform and moreover their badges pinned in front of their chests seemed to indicate that they were basically high ranking Pill Masters .

It was until the two of them walked to the front courtyard when Liu Buyan pointed to the signboard at the entrance with a smile, “Ruoli, welcome to the Alchemist Guild Headquarters!”

Huang Yueli blinked and asked, “This place is the Alchemist Guild Headquarters?”

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She subconsciously felt that something was amiss somewhere but she couldn’t speak out where the problem was .

In actual fact, if she had a set of complete memories, she could absolutely suffer a great shock from Liu Buyan’s words!

Because although the Armament Guild and Alchemist Guild were extremely respectable and rare occupations in Soaring Heavens Continent .

But Armament Masters were rather secular and slightly more arrogant hence they directly built their Guild Headquarters in the bustling city centre in Sky Emperor City, worried that no one could find them .

Pill Masters were comparably much low keyed . Their Headquarters location was extremely mysterious and unless they had gotten the recognition from pill masters, outside people practically couldn’t find them at all .

The place which she stayed at right now, even in the yesteryears when Liu Buyan and Mu Chengying was on extremely good terms, even Mu Chengying had never been here before because it “didn’t fit the regulations” . But Liu Buyan actually brought her in brazenly .