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Chapter 1895
Chapter 1895: Offered herself to his doorstep (1)

Similarly a man, Li Moying could naturally tell that Liu Buyan’s persistence towards Huang Yueli, had already gone way beyond to an insane stage .

He was no longer the same… . as in his past life!

Now that Huang Yueli offered herself to his doorstep, he totally couldn’t imagine what Liu Buyan could possibly do!

Even if Liu Buyan didn’t do anything out of regulation, but he only needed to drag Huang Yueli for a month’s time and based on Li Moying’s current condition, he might not be able to see Huang Yueli even at his deathbed!

Cang Po Jun and the others could not understand his thinking, so they could only follow his wishes .

“Sovereign, This Subordinate will now go search for her, don’t worry… . . ” Cang Po Jun tried his best to assure him .

Li Moying coughed as he said, “No, not you… . . cough cough, it’s all off you! Everyone… . everyone go out and search for her! Forget it if Liu Buyan escaped, but Li’er… . you must find her!”

Those present exchanged glances as they felt extremely shocked in their hearts .

“Yes, Sovereign!”

Huang Yueli suddenly opened her eyes to discover that she was lying in a clean and tidy room . The exquisite incense burner on the headboard burnt a special lavender fragrance, giving off a clear and refreshing scent, making one’s mood settle down .

The sky was already bright outside the window .

Huang Yueli propped herself on to the bed as she sat up, but she discovered that her head was extremely dizzy and she felt extremely unbearable so she couldn’t help but used her hands to grab her head .

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Just at this moment, the room’s door was pushed open from the outside .

A handsome male dressed in white walked in, as he held up a tray in his hands .

On seeing the young lady on the bed waking up, he walked over in quick steps to the bed .

“Ruoli, you’re awake! How do you feel now? Do you feel uncomfortable? Is your head dizzy?”

Huang Yueli lifted up her head in a daze as she looked at the man’s countenance .

She somehow felt that this man looked rather familiar and should be considered as someone she was close to, but no matter how she tried, she couldn’t remember who he was . It was as though there was a fog in her head, making her feel very murky and cloudy .

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“You… who are you?”

Hearing Huang Yueli’s questions, the corners of Liu Buyan’s lips undetectably curled upwards but he quickly concealed it, giving off a disappointed and frustrated expression .

“You… . Ruoli, you really don’t remember who I am?”

“I… . . ” Huang Yueli began to think over this carefully but she felt a wave of dizziness as she couldn’t help but creased her brows tightly, “Sorry, I also feel that you look very familiar but… I don’t know why I just can’t seem to remember… my head is so dizzy . ”

Liu Buyan hurriedly stretched out his hand and held her . His arms increased in strength as he brought her to lean against him .

“Don’t think anymore if you can’t remember! I’ll tell you directly who I am! I’m Liu Buyan, and you are… my fiancée!”

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Huang Yueli was leaning extremely close to him and felt totally not used to it as she subconsciously wanted to push him away but Liu Buyan used an exceptional amount of strength so that she could not escape .

Hearing the word “fiancée”, she subconsciously jolted as an exquisitely handsome looking man’s face flashed past her thoughts .

Somehow, she really seemed to have a fiancée, moreover that person was even more good looking that this Liu Buyan… . .

When she tried to capture the image in her mind, she started to feel dizzy again .

Liu Buyan’s deep voice rang by the side of her ears, “We’ve been engaged for two years and this time round, you accompanied me to the outskirts to pick medicinal herbs but we met with a ninth tier magical beast’s sneak attack . I miscalculated and caused you to be injured, your head knocking against the tree . ”