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Chapter 1835: 1835
Chapter 1835: Probe (7)

Cang Po Jun was feeling uncertain but there weren’t any signs on his face as he cupped in fist in the other hand as a greeting to the various large powerhouses .

“Each of you are rare visitors . It’s really rare that you have made time to grace our Blue Profound Sect which really brings light to our humble Sect, please have a seat… . . ”

He spoke slowly, attempting to draw a little more time .

Because Cang Po Jun had already sent someone to go to the rear hall to ask Li Moying himself while he was with Leng Weiming and the others .

Now that things have developed to such a step, it wasn’t something which a Guardian like him could deal on his own, so he could only see what plans Li Moying had in mind .

This time round, was the greatest crisis which he had encountered since he had started acting on behalf to handle the Sect’s matters so that left him with no choice but to handle it prudently!

Huang Yueli ran all the way from the corridor to the front hall when she suddenly stopped in her tracks .

Cang Po Hun then managed to chase up to her while huffing and puffing heavily .

“Grand… . Grandmaster Huang, aren’t your body movements a little too incredible, even I can’t chase up to you! You really have no intention to invite Sovereign out, but want to handle the Leng family’s matters by yourself?”

Huang Yueli narrowed her eyes slightly as a grave expression appeared on her elegant face .

“I originally had this intention but it looks like this matter isn’t something which I can handle on my own!”

Cang Po Hun went into a blank, “What do you mean?”

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“We have met with a huge mess!”

Huang Yueli pointed to a distance not too far away .

Strong exponents from the Four Sacred Lands were just entering Levitation Sword Palace’s front hall .

They moved swiftly with full determination, all having thoughts of slapping Cang Po Jun’s face and to expose Blue Profound Sect’s secret so naturally they wouldn’t have noticed the two people who were hiding in the corner .

Cang Po Jun took a look and his expression immediately changed .

“Celestial Heavens Gate, Sky Devil Sect, Splendid Violet Heavenly Palace, and even… Mythical Flame Palace! Why has it become like this, the six other Sacred Lands other than Blue Profound Sect have all sent their ninth stage realm peak Elders over! What… what are they intending to do?”

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Huang Yueli couldn’t help but give a cold smile, “Looks like someone can’t wait any longer!”

“Wait? Wait for what?”

Huang Yueli swept him a glance, “Can’t wait for your Sovereign to die faster!”

Cang Po Hun was so angry that his face turned red, “Damn it! These people… they indeed don’t have any good intentions! Sovereign had been in closed door for so many years and have no longer dabbled in the worldly affairs, Blue Profound Sect is also much lower keyed as compared to that year! They still dare to come create trouble for us now? What has Sovereign stopped them from doing?”

Huang Yueli spoke in a low voice, “That’s exactly the thing which I am unable to understand . ”

She had a feeling that this matter isn’t as simple as it appeared .

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Although on the appearance, it looked as though the six large powerhouses had come challenged the Number One Sacred Lands for their own benefits, but after Mu Chengying had gone into “closed door” for so many years, in actual fact, Blue Profound Sect no longer had the essence to control the entire Sky Emperor City .

It was actually not necessary for them to work out with such great fanfare just to be so insistent on certifying Mu Chengying’s current state .

Not knowing why, Huang Yueli suddenly recalled that the last time she saw several clans from the six other Sacred Lands gathering today, was in the Northern Ice Fields… . .

So many of them worked together to set up the Ten Directional Nightfall Formation to attack her, just to obtain the God Relic Sky Phoenix Ring .

Plus the fact that she heard from Ye Xing Hua while she was in the Armament Guild Headquarters on the matter where many unidentified ninth stage realm peak top exponents all forced President Jiang to his death… . .

So many ninth stage realm top exponents definitely had their own origins, and they would definitely not appear out of nowhere for no reason .

The highest probability was naturally from various Sacred Lands .

These few matters, was it related or not?

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