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Published at 14th of October 2020 09:07:46 PM
Chapter 1828: Cang Ning Yue’s ending (4)
Chapter 1828: Cang Ning Yue’s ending (4)

“Reporting to Sovereign, Guardian Yue… . Ughh, Housekeeper Yue has already breathed her last . ”

Li Moying’s brows rose, “So fast? Just this bit of time, it’s not even enough to send her to the Imperial Beast Garden isn’t it?”

His played down sentence made the attendant’s back break out in cold sweat .

“Y . . Yes, reporting… to Sovereign, it was Guardian Yu who retrieved Housekeeper Yue’s corpse… . . ”

Li Moying’s brows creased, “Cang Po Yu? He had already been betrayed by this slut several times and he still hadn’t given up? He even dares to defy my command for her?”

Huang Yueli could tell that he was slightly angered and immediately stretched out her arm pressing against the man’s slender long arm, and at the same time shot a glance towards the attendant, hinting for him to retreat hurriedly .

“Forget it, since Guardian Yu didn’t come in to plead for her, that means that he is totally disappointed with Cang Ning Yue . Anyway she’s already dead so you should just cool your temper . ”

As Huang Yueli was saying that, she was feeling slightly regretful .

Speaking of this, Cang Po Yu was indeed loyal towards Li Moying . Based on his status of Number One Array Master in Soaring Heavens Continent, if he wanted to establish his own school, his status would not be any worse off than Liu Buyan’s . But in order to pay back the gratitude which Li Moying had given him back then, he had always been loyal to him and did not have any second thoughts at all .

In their past lives, Cang Ning Yue had almost caused Huang Yueli’s death once and that time Li Moying almost killed her, but was obstructed by Cang Po Yu who went all out to stop him .

Huang Yueli could tell Cang Po Yu’s thoughts and a bright idea suddenly occurred to her as she suggested to Li Moying to betroth Cang Ning Yue to Cang Po Yu, thinking that this could help Cang Po Yu accomplish his aim and as time passed by, Cang Ning Yue would eventually gave up .

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Whoever knew that some things were predestined . Thirty years had gone by and whatever should have happened, still happened .

After this matter had happened, even though Cang Po Yu didn’t do anything wrong but Li Moying would absolutely not trust him as he did in the past .

The logic of guarding against those who try to hurt you wasn’t something which Li Moying didn’t understand .

Li Moying had apparently thought of this as he gave a sigh and stretched out his arms to pull Huang Yueli into his embrace .

“Then I’ll listen to you, forget about it!”

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Even after the Sky Ascension Stairs assessment had ended, the rear mountain was still bustling with excitement .

Li Moying had sent out strict orders, not allowing the Sect’s disciples to spread out the incident of what had happened then .

The Number One Sacred Land Sect regulations were extremely strict and no one actually dared to speak out publicly, but in the entire Blue Profound Sect’s internal departments, it spread around like wildfire .

Those disciples who had missed that day’s grand event were all pounding their chests, extremely regretful about it . There were many who went over to take a look at the new Cloud Mounting Chart and they even laid in wait especially at Levitation Sword Palace, hoping to take a look at the legendary Senior Brother Li .

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But Li Moying was wholeheartedly focused in cultivating and almost never left Levitation Sword Palace . Only Huang Yueli would leave the door to swing about occasionally .

In the fast, when Blue Profound Sect’s disciples saw her, their eyes were mostly filled with disdain but now it was totally different . The moment she appeared, a large group of people would crowd around her, ferociously trying to fawn on her, being extremely nice which made her unsure if she should laugh or cry .

However, such peaceful days didn’t last for too long .

One afternoon, Cang Po Hun suddenly rushed into the rear hall in a haste .

“Sov… . Where is Sovereign? This Subordinate has something urgent to report!”

Huang Yueli left her half refined Profound Armament and came out to meet the guest, “Guardian Hun, it’s so rare to see you in such an anxious state . Has something happened?”

Cang Po Hun replied, “Grandmaster Huang, Leng family’s clan leader brought a large group of people saying that Sovereign killed some Elder of theirs, and came over to Blue Profound Sect to ask for an explanation!”

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