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Chapter 1676: 1676

Cang Ning Yue suddenly hesitated for a moment when the words were already by her mouth .

 Li Moying’s harsh warning rang by the side of her ears and upon recalling that severe expression, Cang Ning Yue couldn’t help but give a cold shudder .

 Huang Yueli saw that she was going to withdraw what she was about to say as her gaze suddenly flashed and lifted up her chin slightly, she glanced sideways at her, “What’s the matter? Don’t dare to say? I think you’re merely starting a rumour!”

 “You… . who said I’m starting a rumour? Alright, I’ll speak!” Cang Ning Yue clenched her teeth and she completely pressed her luck!” I’m telling you, sixteen years go after you self-exploded in the Northern Ice Fields, originally your soul and spirit should have dispersed but Sovereign he just nicely… . . ”

 “Cang Ning Yue! What rubbish are you sprouting? Shut your gap up!”

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 Just as Cang Ning Yue was prepared to tell the truth, a burst of exasperated voice was heard as it harshly stopped her!

 Huang Yueli went into a blank and saw Cang Po Jun and Cang Po Yu standing not too far away .

 Cang Po Jun strode over quickly as he spoke in a cold tone, “Ning Yue! Can you sprout nonsense about such a matter like this? This is merely a rumour in the country, how dare you even gossip in front of Grandmaster Huang!” Saying that he turned towards Huang Yueli, “Grandmaster Huang, my sincere apologies, please do not take Ning Yue’s nonsense to heart . ”

 Huang Yueli took a suspicious look at the few of them as her gaze turned even more profound .

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 She had originally suspected this was Cang Ning Yue’s plot but upon seeing Cang Po Jun’s anxious look, it actually made her believe that there was some shocking inside story and furthermore everyone were trying their best to hide it from her!

 Huang Yueli gave a cold ‘hmph’ as she said, “Sir Po Jun, are you trying to trick me? Since this is unfounded ravings, why don’t you allow Guardian Yue to finish her words? What on earth are you trying to hide from me?”

 Cang Po Jun frowned slightly but since he was also a peerless top exponent who had experienced huge waves before, he quickly resumed his composure and put on an expression which seemed as though nothing had happened .

 “Grandmaster Huang, you’re really thinking too much! Ning Yue has been a little tired recently and she heard those crazy and unfounded rumours from some outsiders hence she spoke blindly in front of you! We really have nothing to hide from you!”

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 Huang Yueli laughed instead of flying into a rage, “Do you really treat me like an idiot? Cang Ning Yue had said this very clearly earlier that right after I self-exploded during my past life, in order to save me, your Sovereign had done something which you cannot afford to let me know? What matter is it exactly? Speak!”

 Huang Yueli was feeling exceptionally anxious inside .

 If it was any other matters, there was no absolute need for her to find out the answer but this matter was related to Li Moying!

 She was very afraid and very worried, feeling that this man would do something which was irrevocable .

 In her past life, Huang Yueli was also a long established peerless top exponent and having stayed beside Mu Chengying for such a long time, the minute she flew into a rage, the aura and prestige that shot out from her had an eighty percent similarity to Mu Chengying’s .

 In the few Guardians’ view, all of them uncontrollably gave a bitter cold shudder .

 However, Cang Po Jun clenched his fists tightly as he said the same thing through the slits of his teeth, “Grandmaster Huang, you’ve really thought too much, there really isn’t anything special… . . ”

 Huang Yueli gave a cold laugh, “Nothing special? Then let me ask you, I’m obviously the one who self-exploded in the Northern Ice Fields, but why did Mu Chengying also die and even reincarnated along with me? How on earth did he die?”

 “This… . . ” Cang Po Jun was tongue tied .

 “Why? Unable to tell me? Then let me ask you again . One who had self-exploded would have their soul and spirit dispersed, never to enter the reincarnation wheel but why is it that I am still able to be reborn?”

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