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Chapter 347: Chapter 348 Smiling Medusa


“Oh?” Ziyuan gave me a weird smile, and then said to Dong Xiaoye, “Your dad really trusts Xiao Nan, hehe.”

Sure enough, such lame nonsense wouldn’t be able to deceive Ziyuan. Although Dong Xiaoye naturally emphasized that we were distant relatives, as the person whom I grew up with, and whom my stepmother considered as half of her daughter, obviously, it was still not enough to fool her.

“Why would he worry,” Dong Xiaoye stretched out her arms to embrace Chu Yuan and Dongfang, and smiled, “There are still Yuan Yuan and Little Dongfang here. I doubt he has the gut to bully me. Besides, he has a girlfriend. She is much prettier than me. In my cousin’s eyes, I’m not attractive at all.”

I had always been very aware that Dong Xiaoye, who seemed to be very careless, was actually a careful woman; but only until now did I find out that I still underestimated her. She had enough acting skills to compete for Oscar’s best actor award!

Hearing Ziyuan’s doubts about her identity and the relationship between us, she did not rush to deny it, but cleverly revealed a trace of resentment and sadness…

Seeing her pouting her mouth, giving off a faint disappointment and sadness, for a moment, I really thought that she was interested in me. Ziyuan was dazed, then smiled quietly, and blinked at me, seeming to mock me that I was very popular with women.

Liusu? Mo Fei? When Sister Tiger said girlfriend, I didn’t know who she was referring to. But deliberately saying that I had a beautiful girlfriend in front of Chu Yuan, she was definitely trying to put me in a difficult position.

Chu Yuan always wanted to set me up with Dongfang strangely, so she didn’t like other people saying that I already had a girlfriend in front of Dongfang. I pretend to not notice her unreasonably dissatisfied gaze and said with a mocking tone to Dong Xiaoye, “Can I understand your words as you are complimenting yourself for being pretty?”

Dong Xiaoye sucked on her oily fingers, frowned her dashing eyebrows, and said annoyingly, “You are so annoying. Of course, this woman is very pretty.”

Hearing her reply like this, I got goosebumps all over my body… When Sister Tiger pretended to coquettish, it was actually also very lethal.

After the initial introduction, the two women chatted for a while. Then I suddenly heard Dong Xiaoye ask, “Why did you come to find my cousin this late? Is it something important?”

Those two questions instantly attracted the attention of Dongfang Lianren who was looking at Ziyuan curiously, and Chu Yuan who was originally focusing on chewing duck meat. The same as them, I also wanted to know why she wanted to visit me at this time.

However, the sad thing was that I couldn’t find any chance to talk when she was talking with Dong Xiaoye.

“It’s nothing important. He dropped something in the office when he left the company at noon. I was worried that he would get worried and start to look for it everywhere when he found out that he didn’t have it with him, so I decided to bring it over.

“I can also take this opportunity to see Yuan Yuan. Hehe, the little girl has all grown up now, and you look so pretty.” Ziyuan held Chu Yuan’s face and rubbed her face gently like playing with a favorite toy, “Little girl, you must be very popular with the boys in the school, right? Do you have a boy you like? Or do you still only like your elder brother like when you were little…”

“What are you talking about, Elder Sister Ziyuan,” Chu Yuan blushed with embarrassment, “When did I like him?”

“You didn’t?” Ziyuan put on a look as if she knew Chu Yuan well, and said with a smile, “When you were little, you always liked to follow him around like you are his tail. When you saw him playing with other girls, you would throw a temper and refuse to eat meals; even I was no exception. Every time I visited your house, I had to buy sweets to coax you to smile…”

Chu Yuan hurriedly denied it, “No, I didn’t!”

Dongfang Lianren suddenly had a look of enlightenment on her face, “Oh… Yuan Yuan, so you learned the trick of using sweets to coax people from Elder Sister Ziyuan.”

“I…” Not knowing how to refute it, Chu Yuan simply lowered her head to chew the duck’s neck fiercely, “I don’t want to talk to you all, you guys are so boring.”

Seeing her embarrassed look, the three women couldn’t help laughing.

But I couldn’t laugh, and the smile on my face was a little stiff. After they finally stopped laughing, I looked at Ziyuan seriously and said, “What did I drop?”

I was sure I didn’t drop anything. I never even dropped a penny since I was young. So I was very confused when she said that I had dropped something.

Ziyuan took out something from her pocket and passed it to me, “This. Xiao Nan, you really need to pay more attention to your own stuff. This thing is very important, you need to keep it safe.”

At this moment, her sweet smile made me feel like I had seen the Medusa in Greek mythology; it petrified my body instantly. Although I had a feeling what it might be, it still shocked me when I saw it. The thing in Ziyuan’s hand was the bank card I gave to Min Rou in the afternoon…

I quickly took over the bank card and stuffed it in my pocket with my hand, because I didn’t want Ziyuan to see that my hand was trembling. Not knowing what had really happened, Dong Xiaoye scolded me for being too careless. Even Dongfang and Chu Yuan also joined her to make fun of me. However, I could no longer hear their voices, all it left was the sound of my heartbeat. It turned out that the Third Lady was really her.

But since she was the Third Lady, why would she come to Fengchang to be Mo Fei’s assistant?

Ziyuan seemed to be willing to give me a chance to find out the answer. She stood up and said, “It’s quite late, so I think I should leave now.”

“But you just came here, are you sure that you don’t want to stay a bit longer?” Dong Xiaoye said sincerely. She got up and wiped her hands, clearly, she wanted to see her out.

Ziyuan smiled slightly and said, “No need. It’s already very late. I’m just here to deliver the card. If I stayed, it would only disrupt your rest. Hehe.”

“Let me send you home,” What I said was probably what Ziyuan wanted to hear the most.

“Okay,” Sure enough, Ziyuan did not refuse, “It is actually quite scary to take a taxi at night alone.” Ziyuan had a pitiful and delicate appearance, so although she said this, no one would laugh at her as being timid.

“Then I’ll go and change my clothes first,” After I said to her, I turned and walked to my room. At the door of my room, I suddenly turned around and said to Dong Xiaoye, “Xiaoye, can you come in for a second.

“Why do you want me to go into your room when you are changing your clothes? Don’t you know how to wear pants by yourself?” Dong Xiaoye rolled her eyes with a red face and complained. But in the end, she still stood up.

“Shu Tong’s grandma likes to listen to Fei Yuqing’s songs, you are not going to bed any time soon anyway, so can you use my computer to download a few songs for her. I will tell you the names of the songs, you can write them down.” I turned to Ziyuan and said, “Just a few more moments. It won’t take long.”

“Mhm,” Ziyuan nodded and smiled, “I also want to talk to Chu Yuan.”

I was dazed for a moment after hearing what she said, but I didn’t really keep it in mind because I thought she would probably want to ask how she had been in the past five years; however, I didn’t expect that she would only say one sentence to Chu Yua, and it was that sentence…

In my bedroom, I pulled out a set of slightly casual clothes from the cabinet, frowned, and said to Dong Xiaoye, “What were you thinking in your head? Didn’t I tell you already that Ziyuan and I were friends who grew up together. Why did you lie to her? A distant cousin… Do you really think this can fool her? She just needs to ask my parents, then your lie will be exposed. My parents still don’t know anything about you pretending to be my girlfriend to protect me. I don’t want to make them worried, but with a lie like this, if she asks my parents, they will definitely find out.”

“Since your parents don’t know that I am pretending to be your girlfriend to protect you, if she really asks your parents, you can just make something up. Isn’t this something you are good at… Ah! You pervert! Can’t you tell me in advance that you want to take off your clothes?”

Seeing that I took off my shirt, Dong Xiaoye quickly turned around, took two deep breaths, and then continued, “There is a reason why I lied to her. Don’t you always want to know if she is that mysterious Third Lady? This is the simplest method of verification. The Third Lady has a close relationship with the Long family, so she definitely knows about what happened in the Long family’s mansion that night and the police arrangement.

“All the news about that incident has been blocked by those influential and rich people, so if she was not the Third Lady, she would definitely be suspicious about those obvious lies. But if she was, there was a high possibility that she would not doubt it. After all, she had already known about the police arrangement beforehand. All you need to do is to wait for her to react, then you will get your answer.”

Dong Xiaoye was really a veritable policewoman. Her reaction was quick, and her plan was very thoughtful, but such verification seemed to be useless now…

Because I found the answer earlier than Dong Xiaoye.

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