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Chapter 307: Chapter 308 There Are Rumours All Over the Company?!

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“You really don’t remember,” Yao Wan’er pouted her mouth in dissatisfaction, and her eyes had a trace of disappointment; but her tone was full of gratitude and admiration, which made me feel ashamed and flattered. “Elder Sister Liu and I were responsible for conducting the job interviews that day. But she didn’t feel well that day. I went to get some water for her, so she can take medicine with it. But because I was in a rush, I bumped into the vice-chairman Zhang on the way back and spilled the water on his shoes. He was very angry and scolded me for a very long time, saying that Fengchang didn’t need a clumsy and incompetent person like me… There were so many people watching him scolding at that time, but no one came out to help me. When he almost made me cry, a person came out to help me, and that person was you, Elder Brother Nan.”

Hearing what Yao Wan’er said, I vaguely remembered what happened that day. It was only after I entered Feng Chang through an interview that I realized that the person I had offended was the vice-chairman of the company. I was also terrified for a long time because of this. But Zhang Li didn’t seem to keep that thing in mind, so as time passed, I gradually forgot about it… So the girl I helped that day was Yao Wan’er?

“Every time I think of how brave you were when you scolded the vice-chairman Zhang that day, I just can’t help but want to smile.” Yao Wan’er seemed to be thinking about what happened that day again. Feeling both moved and amused, she smiled and said, “everyone was afraid of helping me. They were all scared of offending the vice-chairman Zhang Li, fearing that it would cause them to lose their job. But you, you didn’t even know that I was already working for Fengchang, but you still wanted to stand up for me. You lied that it was you who bumped into me and caused me to spill the water on his shoes. You even accused him of all kinds of seemingly logical but actually very ridiculous things like rushing to make a judgment about the ability of a new employee without even knowing the whole story. Everyone including me was surprised that you were actually able to make him unable to refuse you and apologize to me in the end….”

“Did I really do that?” I felt very embarrassed. I hadn’t forgotten about this incident, but I had no impression of Yao Wan’er, because she kept her head down at the time, and I didn’t even know what she looked like…

“I am an only child, and Elder Sister Mo is very strict with me. At that time, I was so touched by the fact that you would risk the opportunity to enter Fengchang to defend me. I even thought how great it would be if I could have an elder brother like you…” Yao Wan’er scratched her head embarrassedly and smiled. “it is very strange, right? At that time, I didn’t know your name, but I actually had this kind of thought…”

I didn’t expect that Yao Wan’er would take that little thing to heart. I couldn’t help but smile and say, “that’s not strange, you are just very naive…”

“Maybe,” Yao Wan’er frowned and said faintly, “Later, Elder Sister Mo hired you and assigned you to work in the general operation team. I was so happy when I found out that I finally had the opportunity to say thank you, but you don’t seem to remember me at all. People often say that doing good deeds without leaving a name is a great virtue, but I didn’t expect that you would completely forget about me. You know, I was quite angry at that time. I was thinking how can you be so arrogant. Just because you helped me, you think that you can forget me easily. So I decided to ignore you as well. Anyway, we would meet at the company every day. I thought you would remember who I was eventually. But I didn’t expect that one year later, not only did you still not remember me, but I heard that you even had a conflict with Elder Sister Mo and decided to resign…”

I didn’t know where I should laugh or cry. It was indeed very satisfying to scold Zhang Li and watch him apologize to her that day, but no one would keep what happened that day in mind, right? This little woman was really interesting, it was not much big of a deal. If she really cared about it, she could have just reminded me, right? But she actually waited for more than a year. Not to mention that I didn’t remember it, even if I did remember it, I would have forgotten about it already…

“The day you left the company, I hurried to chase you, and also asked for your phone number because I knew that it was my last chance. I was afraid that I would have no chance to talk to you in the future…” Yao Wan’er sighed slightly, and suddenly said, “Elder Brother Nan, why do you still want to resign even after the chairman personally asked you to stay?”

“How did you know?” After I asked, I also realized that it was a stupid question. With her relationship with Mo Fei, how could she not know? Not to mention that her aunty was also close to the chairman of Fengchang.

“I heard it from my aunty,” Yao Wan’er said, “I knew that I had misunderstood it after my aunty told me that you had just gone back to hand in your resignation letter, but it was not my intention to insist on asking you to invite me to dinner. I know that cousin Shu wants to discuss an important matter with you. But my aunty wants me to persuade you not to resign… But I know, and she also knows that even Elder Sister Mo can’t keep you, so there is no way I would be able to…”

I was dazed, “your aunty didn’t tell you why the chairman wanted to keep me?”

“No, she said that if you stay, it will be a good thing for the company,” Yao Wan’er replied and then asked, “Elder Brother Nan, why did you want to resign? Is it because of… Elder Sister Mo? ”

Yao Wan’er felt very embarrassed, her face quickly turned red. In fact, not just her, I was also very embarrassed. “Don’t get the wrong idea, there is nothing going on between us…”

“You two even kissed, and you still say that there is nothing going on between you two?”

“That’s a misunderstanding! It’s her who kissed… Forget it, it’s nothing,” I sighed with a wry smile, “you won’t understand it even after I tell you. Wan’er, could you keep it secret? Please don’t tell anyone what you saw this morning…”

Yao Wan’er showed a mischievous smile and said, “when you say anyone, you actually mean Liusu, right?”

“Anyone means anyone!” I said seriously, “of course I don’t want Liusu to know as well, so you can despise me, call me shameless, or selfish, it doesn’t matter. But if you really treat Ms. Mo as your elder sister, you shouldn’t joke about this kind of thing. It can ruin her reputation. It doesn’t matter to me how others think of me. After all, I have left Fengchang, but what about her? What would others think of her?”

I was definitely not a noble person, but I was also not a despicable guy, because I was at least honest.

“I understand what you mean. I’m not the kind of person who likes to spread rumours. In fact, even if I did tell people, no one will be surprised anymore. Elder Brother Nan, Elder Sister Mo likes you, right?” Yao Wan’er nodded and then carried on to say something that completely shocked me, “because you weren’t in Fengchang recently, so you probably don’t know, Zhang Mingjie has already told everyone the story about you and Elder Sister Mo in the entire company, saying that the two of you have announced your relationship in public at Long Xiaotian’s birthday banquet. This is the topic that colleagues in the company talked about the most recently…”

“Pff—” Originally, I pretended to take a sip of tea calmly, but after hearing what she said, I couldn’t help but spit out the tea, “what did you say? !”

Yao Wan’er didn’t seem to be surprised by my reaction. She even jokingly said, “I have already asked Elder Sister Mo for confirmation. She denied it, but her embarrassed expression made her denial really unconvincing. Then this morning, I saw it with my own eyes that two of you… Elder Brother Nan, it’s the first time for me to see Elder Sister Mo kissing a man, you are so lucky…”

‘Lucky my ass!’ I was so frustrated that my liver was about to burst, “what about Liusu? Did she also know this? !”

“Elder Sister Mo is in love, this is big news. In order to verify the news, those who are pursuing Elder Sister Mo have been coming to our investment department every day to invite our colleagues to a meal. You know, in just a few days, Elder Brother Wei has accepted so many invitations that he has actually gained some weight. So how can Liusu not know about this? But every time when people asked her, she would just smile and say that it was just a misunderstanding…”

Damn this Yang Wei, he clearly didn’t know anything, but he actually accepted the invitations so he could have free meals… But I would definitely deal with him some day. What I cared more about now was Liusu’s reaction. Although I had explained to her that when Mo Fei pretended to be my girlfriend that night, it was to help me out, this ‘scandal’ had already caused such a big reaction in the company, why didn’t she tell me anything about it? This wasn’t normal at all…

Moreover, how would she feel when everyone was constantly questioning my relationship with her? I felt very guilty…

“What? ! You want me to impersonate Liu Xiaosheng? !” I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. I even felt slightly angry after I heard it. “What kind of joke is this? I’d rather impersonate a third-rate star than impersonating him.”

“Pfff… Third-rate star… Haha, you can’t even be the fifth-rate star, let alone the third-rate…”

“Is this how you ask for help?” I was dissatisfied with Shu Tong’s attitude. I sneered, “since my condition is so bad, why do you still need my help? Anyway, Shu Tong, I can’t help you…”

“Wait!” When Shu Tong heard it, she was very anxious, “Cousin, cousin-in-law! I’m begging you, you must help me! ”

Liusu rolled her eyes at Shu Tong and scolded, “you deserve it, Nan Nan has already promised to help you, but you still want to mock him.”

I was startled, “wait, Liusu, I never promised to help her…”

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