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Chapter 124

Chapter 124

Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao were bound to chairs for the time being, while two people pointed guns at each of their heads . Wen Rong stood to one side, a distance from everyone else . Song Kun was still sitting upright behind the table, Qin Sheng and another man by his side .

Wen Rong smiled and said, “Simon King, how did you figure out that I was the one who killed Zhao Jian?”

Song Kun also raised his head to look at the both of them .

The corner of Bo Jinyan’s mouth twitched, and he said, “You committed this crime when everything was blowing up suddenly and you were very excited . You left so many traces behind, if I couldn’t see them at one glance, that would be an insult to my IQ . ”

Song Kun couldn’t believe that this person, at such a time, would still be throwing insults around, and stared at him silently . On the other hand, Wen Rong was still smiling, and asked with seemingly great interest, “Really? Do tell . ”

Bo Jinyan eyed him and, unexpectedly, smiled meaningfully before he responded, “Leaving aside the fact that you fitted the profile of the suspect in all aspects: height, dexterity in cutting, your big medical bag, your familiarity with the victim . . . you left behind a big clue in the deceased’s home . I guessed that you would give the excuse of giving medical treatment to enter Zhao Jian’s home . Zhao Jian’s home was incredibly sloppy, but the only home-use medical kit there had been organised in a very orderly fashion – because you had tidied it up . Before killing him, you had used the medical kit, and if you did not put everything away, it would instantly have attracted attention . However, you forgot your own neat habits . Moreover, just look at yourself – the outside of your white doctor’s coat is dirty, but you’re wearing fresh clothes on the inside . If you had really just returned from the mountains and rushed to treat Song Kun with no time to change your clothes – it should be like this in theory – then why are your trouser legs so clean, while there is mud around the waist at the back of your coat? However, where you are concerned, what does it matter if you are exposed? Before you came here, you had already poisoned the well water, enough to affect all of us . If not for me and Jian Yao being on the alert and not drinking the tea, the current situation would be completely under your control, right?”

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Wen Rong smiled . He did not deny anything, and merely said, “Yes . ”

On the other hand, Song Kun was secretly shocked . He had not known when Wen Rong had released the poison, and never imagined he would poison the well directly .

“How did you know he poisoned the well?” Song Kun asked .

Bo Jinyan looked up and glanced at Wen Rong’s coat sleeve, where there were greyish-green marks . “His sleeves are wet, and there are traces of moss . There is moss at the edge of the well . Moreover, he had to single-handedly deal with both opposing parties . For a doctor, the best method would be poison . And, to put the poison in drinking water . ”

Song Kun looked at Wen Rong without saying anything .

Wen Rong laughed even more gently and slowly repeated, “Indeed, the best method is poison . ” Then, he looked down at his watch and said, “Oh, we’ve been chatting for 5 minutes without us realising it, it’s almost time . ”

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These words did not make sense . Song Kun and Qin Sheng stared blankly .

However, Bo Jinyan sighed and said, “Song Kun, I advised you not to make a deal with a demon, but you didn’t listen . How can there possibly be a mutually beneficial exchange of interests with someone of abnormal psychology? He is not at all like you guys, criminals who are still bound by the desires of this mortal life . How could he possibly make life a goal? A killer of his calibre, of his type, gets his kicks out of playing with people and killing them sadistically . You are one of Gu An’s killers, as well as an outstanding criminal underworld boss . He has never killed someone like you before, so how could he let you go?”

Song Kun’s entire being trembled violently . He looked up to see a treacherous smile hovering on Wen Rong’s lips . At the same time, the two gang members who were training their guns on Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao suddenly gripped their chests and uttered pained cries . With crimson faces, they collapsed in an instant, frothing at the mouth .

A sensation of extreme nausea bubbled up in Song Kun’s chest as he heard Qin Sheng falling to the ground beside him . He reached out to grab the gun on the table, but it was too late . He felt as if all the strength in his body had gone up in flames and he fell on the table with a loud ‘bang’ . Everything before his eyes went black, as if he had been sucked into a deep black vortex . Only In his barely open eyes was there a very weak hint of consciousness .

Bo Jinyan watched this unforeseen event unfold before him in silence . Beyond the tightly shut door could be heard the continual sounds of falling bodies . It went without saying that Song Kun’s underlings had fallen into the trap as well .

Jian Yao looked up and saw Wen Rong chuckling opposite her before retrieving Qin Sheng’s gun from the ground . In the room, only he was still standing, and only they, with him, were still conscious . Perhaps they were the only ones in the entire building . She glanced at Bo Jinyan and suddenly felt a jolt of courage . She kept her face devoid of expression while, behind her back, she was using the method Fang Qing taught her and frantically attempting to struggle free of her bonds . She twisted and turned her hands until she felt acute pain, as if her wrist bones were about to snap .

Wen Rong looked at Bo Jinyan with grim resolve and said, “How did you know when I administered the poison?”

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Bo Jinyan smiled mockingly and said, “If the poison had been administered to the water in the well, how much would have been needed? There is no way to control this situation . Moreover, some people drink less water, some drink more; some people drink the water early, some late . If the smallest mishap had occurred, Song Kun would have sensed that something was wrong, and your plan would have failed . Only these gangsters who know nothing about pharmacology and your level of criminal expertise would believe such a thing . In truth, one pill per person gives precise control over the time of poisoning and yields a much higher success rate . The moss and water marks on your sleeves, as well as your responses earlier, were all intended to mislead us and make us think you had already administered the poison to the well water . After that, it was only logical to get all of them to ingest the poison, and everything would be in your full control . ”

The smile on Wen Rong’s face grew even brighter as he said, “This is truly worthy of Simon King! Not even the smallest clue can escape your eagle eyes . Oh, the you whose radiance has been restored indeed strikes fear in people’s hearts . However, it’s my turn to shine now . My apologies, I have to take care of the two of them first before I take care of you two – I always leave the best for last . ”

When he uttered those two words, ‘take care’, Jian Yao felt herself shuddering in fear . Bo Jinyan said nothing .

Quickly, Wen Rong found ropes and bound Song Kun and Qin Sheng to chairs . Both of them were naturally still unconscious . After that, Wen Rong took a tray of glittering, sharp scalpels from the medicine bag by his side, and examined them with fascination .

He even started to whistle lightheartedly, appearing completely at ease . He was so much like Fu Ziyu with his fair skin and tall, slender figure, but he was a refined, cruel demon .

“What plans do you all have after this?” Bo Jinyan asked out of the blue .

“We . . . ” That word had barely issued from Wen Rong’s mouth when his hands, fiddling with the scalpels, stilled and he turned to look at Bo Jinyan . He laughed in spite of himself as he said, “Simon King, you are really, really too insidious! Who says you have a pure and simple temperament?”

Bo Jinyan also smiled faintly . He had already received the answer he wanted .

Jian Yao stared at the scalpel in Wen Rong’s hand . She had not the least doubt that the same scalpel would cut into hers and Bo Jinyan’s chest in future .

She would never allow such a thing to happen .

Sharp pain pulsed through her fingers . Her face was already a little red, but she maintained her serene appearance . Half of her palm was almost free of the bonds . Fang Qing had once said that most men would not be able to struggle free in this way .

She turned her head to look at Bo Jinyan who was sitting, godlike, in silence .

For him, she would do it .

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