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Chapter 59: Guest

The chauffeur, who was driving skillfully, subconsciously trembled when he saw the car plate. His hand, which was holding the steering wheel, was sweating as he hurriedly slowed the car.

Jun Shiling glanced at the car plate number. Jun Yin, who was beside him, was fidgeting around. He couldn’t wait to get out of the car and find his great-grandfather.

“We have a guest today, so behave yourself,” Jun Shiling warned Jun Yin in a low voice.

“Okay, Daddy.” Xiao Bao withdrew his head from the window and answered obediently.

“Young Master, Madam.” Uncle Liu had been waiting at the door for a long time.

Xiao Bao held Xia Wanyuan’s hand in one hand and Jun Shiling’s hand in the other as they walked over. The cold Jun Shiling, the peerless Xia Wanyuan, and the red-lipped and white-toothed little dumpling were truly a harmonious and perfect family.

Uncle Liu looked at them and his eyes were filled with smiles.

“Uncle Liu!”” Grandpa Liu!”

“Old Master is inside. Some of his comrades are here today too,” Uncle Liu said as he led Jun Shiling in.

The fragrance of tea lingered in the courtyard. The old master sat under the sycamore tree with three hale and hearty elders sitting beside him.


When Xiao Bao saw the Old Master, he instantly forgot Jun Shiling’s instructions and ran to him.

“Oh, my sweetheart.” The old man was so happy when he saw Xiao Bao that his beard curled up.

“Is this your precious great-grandson?” When the person beside the old man saw Xiao Bao’s fair and tender appearance, he immediately liked this younger generation.

“Come, this is your Grandpa Wang, Grandpa Bo, and Grandpa Mu.” The old man patted Xiao Bao’s head, signaling him to greet them.

“Grandpa Wang, Grandpa Bo, Grandpa Mu.” Xiao Bao poked his head out of the old man’s arms and called out to the benevolent old men.

“How obedient.” The few elders looked at the old man enviously. They were all of the same age but he already had such an adorable great-grandson. Even until now, they had yet to find their own granddaughter-in-law.

“This is my grandson, my granddaughter-in-law.”

Ever since Old Master Jun abdicated five years ago, he had rarely interacted with the outside world. His old comrades were usually busy too. It had only been a year since they had slowly stepped down from their important positions. They could finally gather together today.

“This grandson of yours is amazing.” The few elders looked at Jun Shiling in approval. This Jun family’s younger generation was indeed outstanding. The industry chain touched on all aspects and had a decisive impact on the entire country’s economy.

From the moment she entered the house, Xia Wanyuan had noticed the few plainly dressed elders.

From them, Xia Wanyuan could feel the familiar aura of a leader. Unlike Jun Shiling, they were calm and reserved, having been in the political world for a long time.

While Xia Wanyuan was sizing them up, the few old men also noticed Xia Wanyuan, who was beside Jun Shiling.

To people like them who had been in the political world for their entire lives, Xia Wanyuan’s beauty was nothing special.

On the other hand, Xia Wanyuan’s clean and composed aura made their eyes light up.

A girl this age could have such a bearing and her aura was restrained, but standing beside Jun Shiling, who had a strong aura, she was not inferior at all. Instead, she seemed to be on par with him.

“Xiao Jun, not only do you have good taste in business, but you also have such good taste in finding a wife,” Old Master Mu said to Jun Shiling half-jokingly and half-seriously.

If those brats in my family were half as outstanding as Jun Shiling, I wouldn’t have to worry.

“Uncle Mu, you’re too kind.”

Jun Shiling glanced at Xia Wanyuan but did not retort. Instead, he agreed with Old Master Mu.

It had been a long time since the old master had seen his comrades. After Jun Shiling and Xia Wanyuan had lunch, they brought Xiao Bao back to the manor, leaving the time for the few old masters.

“Old Jun, which family raised this granddaughter-in-law of yours? What a great bearing. I’ll go to this house tomorrow to find a fiancée for my grandson.”

Hearing Old Master Mu’s words, Old Master Jun recalled the family who had raised Xia Wanyuan and couldn’t help but laugh.

“My granddaughter-in-law is a girl from an ordinary family.” Old Master Jun stroked his beard smugly. “Damn, speaking of which, my grandson has good taste.”

“Old Master, the word ‘smug’ is written all over your face.” Old Master Mu was rather emotional. “It’s really not easy to get such a woman from an ordinary family.”

However, he could only be envious. Other people’s grandson really knew how to choose the grand daughter-in-law.

That night, the younger generation of the Mu family received a scolding from the Old Master for no apparent reason.

There were so many guests that Xia Wanyuan couldn’t even finish her meal properly. Before the car drove back to the manor, she felt a little hungry.

“Xiao Bao, are you full?”

Xia Wanyuan pinched Xiao Bao’s adorable little face.

“Mommy, I’m full!” Xiao Bao looked up, his big eyes begging for praise. “I ate two big bowls of rice! Great-grandfather even put a lot of meat in my bowl!”

Xia Wanyuan paused for a moment before praising Xiao Bao. “Mm, that’s great.”

After receiving the praise, Xiao Bao happily continued to read his cartoon book.

Xia Wanyuan pursed her lips. Forget it, I will eat later.

Jun Shiling had noticed that Xia Wanyuan had only eaten half a bowl of rice when he was eating. Hence, when he saw Xia Wanyuan asking Xiao Bao if he was hungry, a smile appeared in his eyes.

While Xia Wanyuan was reading the cartoon book with Xiao Bao, Jun Shiling picked up his phone and sent a message.

When the car drove back to the manor, she smelled an overwhelming fragrance the moment she entered the house.

“Why did Nanny Li cook today?”

Xia Wanyuan asked curiously, her appetite aroused by the fragrance of the food.

“Young Master instructed me.” Nanny Li brought the cutlery over.

“Oh.” Xia Wanyuan took the bowl and chopsticks, only to see Jun Shiling walking straight upstairs to the study.

“Jun Shiling, didn’t you instruct her? Come and eat,” Xia Wanyuan called out to Jun Shiling.

Jun Shiling paused and walked back to the table.

Xia Wanyuan ate another bowl, but Jun Shiling only ate a few mouthfuls before putting down his chopsticks.

“The future superstar of the broadcasting industry is about to be born! Brothers, are you looking forward to it?” Su Mei and the others surrounded Xia Yu’s bed and watched him tinkering with the registered host.

“F*ck you,” Xia Yu scolded Su Mei jokingly.

“Xia Yu, what are you going to broadcast?” Yang Lin asked curiously.

“The popular mobile game now? Doesn’t Ruan Nian play that too?” Xia Yu sat on the bed with his legs crossed. His eyes were filled with disdain when he spoke of Ruan Nian.

“You’re definitely more popular than him. Really, Xia Yu, with your face, you’re definitely popular.”

Xia Yu was good-looking and looked a little like Xia Wanyuan. Over the past few days, countless girls had secretly admired him.

“Tsk, how can that piece of trash be compared to me?” Thinking of how Ruan Nian had scolded Xia Wanyuan, Xia Yu was furious.

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