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Chapter 72

Too many things had happened during the imperial banquet for the members of Marquis Gu’s Manor to digest .

It was because of this that nobody noticed that Gu HanMo and Gu WenQing did not return the previous night .

In a place with as strict an upbringing as Marquis Gu’s Manor, this was truly unheard of!

“Oh no, oh no, third and fourth brother went out to drink floral wine last night and have not returned . When they return later, father will definitely beat them to death!”

Gu HanMo and Gu WenQing still had not returned, and Gu Yi was already making a huge fuss . He even went so far as to put on a skit with Gu Xiang displaying how they would plead for forgiveness .

“Little Yu Fu, you come up with some ideas too! Father listens to you the most . Your words will definitely have more weight than ours!”

The two of them were too immersed in their play, and Yao Lan had a confused expression from watching them .

“Sister Lian Bi, what is floral wine?”*

The pure Yao Lan did not understand Gu Xiang’s words and turned to ask Lian Bi . This left Lian Bi blushing furiously .

Yu Fu heard her and hastily went to stop her, “Don’t listen to fifth brother and sixth brother’s nonsense . With third brother’s cold and expressionless face, how could he possibly go and drink floral wine!”

When Gu Xiang and Gu Yi heard her say this, they felt that it was quite reasonable .

“That’s right . Then it must be fourth brother who took third brother out to drink floral wine!”

“It’s hard to believe . Fourth brother usually just stays in without making a sound, yet he’s actually so bold!”

Yu Fu: “…”

“Young miss, third young sir and fourth young sir have returned and are now in the main hall!”

Yin Lin and Yin Xue, who had been sent out to inquire about the situation had returned and reported this information while wheezing . Yu Fu hastily left the Western Wing .

She wanted to go to the main hall to see . If things really were as Gu Xiang and Gu Yi had described, she would be able to calm Gu HuaiJiang a little .

“Little Yu Fu, don’t run so fast . Wait for us!”

The two followed along behind her . When they arrived outside the main hall’s courtyard, they happened to run into Gu ShuBai and Gu JiuGe . They had also rushed over upon hearing the news .

In the middle of the hall, Gu Han Mo and Gu WenQing were kneeling on the ground with their backs to the main door .

One had a very straight back and a cold face that seemed to be covered in a layer of frost . When he looked at Gu WenQing, there seemed to be a faint hint of anger .

The other one had their head slightly lowered to avoid his gaze . He did not have his usual gentle expression, and it seemed that he had done something wrong .

“Third brother, fourth brother, where did you two go last night?”

Gu Yi was the one with the least patience, immediately shouting after bursting into the room . Gu HuaiJiang just happened to be coming in from a side room .

Everyone quickly fell silent and moved to their seats .

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“Speak, what happened last night . ”

Gu HuaiJiang sat down in his chair and quietly spoke with one hand resting on the armrest .

His gentle tone carried a natural solemness . It gave off an oppressive feeling and made people who kneeled before him feel like it was difficult to breathe .

Gu HanMo’s expression did not change: “After you left for the imperial palace, son was worried that fourth brother would be bored and went to find him . Who knew that he had secretly taken his horse out and left the manor . Son followed him out of the city and found that he had gone to an unlicensed brothel outside the city . ”

Unlicensed brothel?!

Gu Xiang and Gu Yi glanced at each other in shock . Who knew that their guess would be correct!

Fourth brother really had gone to drink floral wine…

“WenQing, what do you have to say?”

Gu HuaiJiang did not rush to get angry . He understood his son . Gu WenQing was not a licentious person .

Gu WenQing, who had kept his head down finally raised his head, “Father, what third brother said is true . Son did indeed leave the city, but it was not an unlicensed brothel . Instead, I went to find Yu Guan . He is an actor that son saved in the past . He’s someone from the troupe that came to our manor to perform during the dragon boat festival!”

An actor from the troupe… It was a man .

Gu Yi inhaled sharply and shoved his hand into his mouth in horror .

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It turned out that fourth brother did not just go to drink floral wine, but he had also gone to pick up a man…

Yu Guan was a familiar name . Yu Fu remembered this person . She had previously met him during the dragon boat festival .

In her memory, he was a person with a lithe and graceful body and a face that had a feminine prettiness . His voice was also sounded very nice .

When Gu HanMo had found them previously, he had been very unhappy, saying things like actors are of a lower class .

Who knew that Gu WenQing would be caught by him this time .

Gu HuaiJiang furrowed his brow, “What were you looking for him for?”

“Son just wanted to go and drink with him and chat about opera and current events, nothing else . Yu Guan was previously a child of a government official’s family . He only became an actor after his family fell to ruin . He has followed that troupe around and has seen the world . That’s why son will occasionally go to chat with him . ”

So that was the case .

Gu HuaiJiang said: “You were just going to chat with him . Why not just tell your third brother before going out? Why act so secretive?”

Acting so furtively would naturally arouse suspicion .

Gu WenQing glanced over at Gu HanMo then lowered his head, “Third brother doesn’t like Yu Guan, saying that we as sons of a proper family should not associate with performers . Hearing him insult Yu Guan like this, son got angry and began to argue with him . This resulted in us missing the closing time of the city gates and could only rest outside the city . ”

No wonder the two did not return the previous night .

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Gu HanMo’s personality was very resolute . He felt that performers were people of a lower class and would affect the unblemished reputation of Marquis Gu’s Manor . That was why he so resolutely opposed Gu WenQing’s association with Yu Guan .

When it came to this, Gu HuaiJiang still stood on Gu HanMo’s side after a bit of deliberation .

“There are people in court who are keeping a very close eye on our family, and they are anxious that they won’t be able to find any problems . At this time, don’t go and complicate matters . Your third brother is right . In the future, don’t have associate with that performer . ”

Though he said this, he did not punish Gu WenQing .

“You can all go back . ”

Leaving the main hall, the young ones gathered around Gu WenQing and returned to his courtyard . They were likely going to comfort him, while the three older ones stayed behind .

“Third brother, this time, you were in the wrong . Fourth brother just wanted to go and chat with Yu Guan . Why bother with criticizing him so harshly?”

Gu JiuGe himself was a person with a flighty personality . He only became a little more reserved after Yu Fu arrived at the manor . It was natural that he felt that there was nothing wrong .

Gu HanMo coldly looked at him .

“Second brother would be best off looking after yourself first . I’ve disliked your Yao Yue or Yao Xing for quite some time, but there’s nothing that I can do about you . Eldest brother, take good care of him . ”

He gave Gu ShuBai a look then pulled out his sword and felt its weight before heading off to train once more .

Gu JiuGe was gnashing his teeth behind him, “That brat…”

*TN: Drinking floral wine generally means to visit a brothel and inviting a prostitute to drink with them .

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