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Chapter 38

Inevitable Heartbreak

Once those words came out from Yu Fu, the entire room was shocked .

“Wh-what did you say?”

Liu RuYi was so shocked that she forgot to address her as young miss Yu Fu and simply stared at her in a surprised daze .

Everyone in the room was very shocked, and even the usually-dignified Princess DanYang look at Yu Fu with her brows slightly furrowed .

Yu Fu’s expression did not change . Her slightly pale face had a smile that was exceedingly adorable .

“I said that you have all misunderstood . I am not the daughter of the head general . I am just a child that he kindly brought back to the capital to take care of . That’s Yu Fu learning medicine has nothing to do with the head general . He has always stayed on the path of morality and does not have any mistress or illegitimate daughters . ”

Everyone’s expressions quickly changed, as they no longer looked at Yu Fu with as much respect as when they had first arrived .

A little girl from the wilderness that was not even Marquis Gu’s daughter, how could she possibly be worthy of the respect of these young misses?

“So it was like that . Then I will be leaving first . I will be going back out front to see if the eldest young sir and the others are still there . Who knows, maybe we will end up being able to have a conversation . ”

Liu RuYi casually bowed and exited the room while rolling her eyes . She did not even glance in Yu Fu’s direction .

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The others copied her, and the group that had entered with quite a great presence was now leaving in the same way .

Although Yu Fu expected this, she now felt a little lonely .

It turned out that everyone’s love for her had been fake . What they liked was her connection to Lord Marquis Gu, not her as a random girl from the wilderness .

“Sister Yu Fu, don’t be too heartbroken . Morals are getting worse with each passing day, and human relationships are shallow and cold . There’s no need for you to pay any attention to them . ”

Yu Fu looked up, just a little surprised . Princess DanYang was still sitting there and looking at her with eyes full of kindness .

Everyone else had already left . Only she was still here .

“Sister DanYang doesn’t think less of me for coming from the wild nor that I am not a proper young miss of a marquis?”

Princess DanYang smiled confidently, “What young miss of a marquis, what girl from the wilderness, either way, neither is as noble as me . Since that’s the case, what is there for me to be picky about? I will play with the people I like . I don’t care about their backgrounds . ”

Though this was what she said, she did glance sideways toward the door, as she was quite disdainful of the young misses who had left .

She could not help but jut her chin out with pride, “But why did you need to tell them about it? Even uncle Gu is admitting it to the people outside . Why reveal it and let those petty people belittle you?”

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“I also did not think that it would be like this . I just did not want to deceive anyone, nor did I want to exploit the head general’s influence to make friends; moreover, I could not allow his reputation to be sullied . What is this about a mistress? The head general is not that type of person!”

He was a dignified and high-ranking general . He could have as many wives and concubines as he wished, so what the need for a hidden mistress?

In Yu Fu’s mind, Gu HuaiJiang was a great general and a great hero . She should not allow others to use this matter to talk about him behind his back .

Princess DanYang could not help but nod in agreement .

“Good girl, uncle Gu really did well to take you in . It’s really rare for someone to be so caring and concerned about others . Since this is the case, take care and rest well . I will be leaving . ”

Saying this, she stood up and left with her maidservants, quickly chasing after the other noble young misses to ensure that they did not wrap themselves around Gu ShuBai .

The accompanying palace maids moved quickly, following her closely, “Princess, you already know that Yu Fu is not Lord Marquis Gu’s daughter, yet why are you still so polite with her?”

Princess DanYang did not stop walking . While looking at that maid with disdain, she joyfully said: “These people are too short-sighted . They only know that Yu Fu is not Marquis Gu’s daughter, thus they all left to curry favor with someone else in power . However, they never thought about it more carefully . As long as Marquis Gu and his family’s young sirs dote on her, what does it matter whether or not Yu Fu is related to them?”

The palace maid thought it over for a bit then came to a sudden realization .

“Princess really is the smartest! Even if she is a maidservant in Marquis Gu’s Manor, as long as the eldest likes her, that is enough . Princess can use her to interact more with the eldest young sir . How could this servant have failed to think of it? I really am too stupid!”

Princess DanYang tapped her forehead .

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“If even you were able to figure it out, those young misses would not have been so stupid as to leave so rudely . That group of stupid women actually wants to compete with this princess for brother ShuBai…”

Watching Princess DanYang’s parting figure, Yu Fu had some sort of feeling deep down . It was a bit of a repulsive feeling .

“Young miss, don’t feel hurt . Don’t you still have Princess DanYang? Even if those young misses won’t play with young miss, there is still Princess DanYang, so there is nothing to worry about . ”

Lian Zhu quietly consoled her and helped tuck her back in .

Yu Fu seemed to be lost in thought, saying: “Those young misses only got close with me because of my status . Once they found out that status was fake, they no longer wanted to be close . What about sister DanYang? She doesn’t care about status . She’s getting close with me because of eldest brother…”

Lian Zhu heard this and felt that Yu Fu’s intellect was truly shocking . The more she thought about her words, the more sense they made .

“Princess DanYang, she… has indeed been pursuing the eldest young sir this entire time, and this is no secret in the manor . Though this is the case, as long as she has good intentions, there is no need for young miss to think about it too much . You still have not recovered from your illness, so take care to recover first . ”

Saying this, she retreated from the room, leaving Yao Lan alone to take care of Yu Fu .

Yao Lan took a look outside . Seeing that there was nobody in the outer room, she instantly revealed a look of indignation .

“It really makes me so mad . Are all of the girls in Eastern Ling so petty and short-sighted? Immediately after hearing that young miss is not related to Marquis Gu by blood, they turn around and refuse to acknowledge you . You really are despicable! How could they possibly know that our young miss’ true identity…”

Yu Fu instantly covered her mouth, no longer allowing her to continue .

“How many times have I said it, yet you still aren’t able to remember? You aren’t allowed to bring this up ever again . I don’t want to cause any trouble for Marquis Gu’s Manor . ”

Yao Lan grimaced, “That’s fine . Young miss just doesn’t need to get along with them in the future . That’s all . The young sirs are better . They all treat young miss very well . Fifth young sir and sixth young sir came first thing in the morning . Thinking about it, the other young sirs will also be coming in a while, right?”

“Then I will get some sleep first . Just wake me up when they come . ”

As she said this, she lay back down under the blanket and went back to sleep without even getting changed .

Yao Lan silently sighed . Walking outside, she found that Lian Zhu and the others were waiting outside . Lian Bi had also returned .

“How is the young miss?”

Yao Lan shook her head with a bitter look on her face, “Young miss has been by my side since childhood, and I have never seen anyone who disliked young miss . Those people acting like that towards the young miss is something that I am seeing for the first time . I am feeling quite dejected . Let’s not go in for now and let her handle this heartache alone . ”

“The young miss did nothing wrong and was always courteous with them . With those young misses suddenly changing their attitudes, it’s inevitable that she will feel hurt . Since Yao Lan has already said this, we won’t go in . ”

With Lian Zhu also saying this, everyone was about to disperse when they suddenly heard the sound of footsteps coming from the outside .

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