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The man dressed in black sigh in relief when Lin Chujiu finally agreed.

As one of the closest people to Xiao Tianyao. He knows clearer than Xiao Tianyao himself about Lin Chujiu’s status in his heart. So if today, Lin Chujiu will still refuse. He wouldn’t keep forcing her.

The man dressed in black turn around and jumped out of the door. But suddenly, he heard Lin Chujiu’s voice: “Don’t send some people to watch me ah!”

It was a warning. Meaning, Lin Chujiu knows that someone was monitoring her before.

When the man dressed in black heard her words, his foot slipped and he almost fell. However, Lin Chujiu didn’t pay him more attention and just closed the door.

So, there’s no more chance to explain!

The man dressed in black almost wanted to cry. But, he decided to put down this matter first and decided not to let Xiao Wangye know.

Lin Chujiu picked up the hairpin and took it in her room. And when she didn’t feel any presence, she finally activated the medical system and took out some equipment and drugs.

Lin Chujiu tie her hair up and put on a head cap. Then, she wears clean gloves. At that moment, her facial expression became serious. And for some reason, she gives off a sense of being distant.

Lin Chujiu didn’t directly check the white jade hairpin. Instead, she soaked it first in a special solution. The white jade hairpin was made of special material. But, as long as she soaked it in this solution. Any drug that was used in it will float out. 

After five minutes, Lin Chujiu took out the white jade hairpin and check the special solution. But, there was nothing, so there was no problem in it.

“Huh? This doesn’t make any sense.” Out of curiosity, Lin Chujiu picked up the white jade hairpin and look at it again near the candle to see what naked eye can’t see: “Did I just fell into their trap? This white jade hairpin really has no problem. Or maybe, there was a bomb inside of it?”

Well, you can’t blame her for thinking this way. Because a man’s mind is really unpredictable.

However, Lin Chujiu didn’t say that it was her final conclusion. Lin Chujiu took out a microscope and check out the white jade hairpin once again. And in there, she found out what’s the problem.

“This is not a complete piece of Jade. No, I mean, it is completely made out of jade, but the slit in it was intentionally made to be filled with something.” Only a person with superb craftsmanship can make this happened. The white jade hairpin was also covered with a special herb so that a naked eye won’t be able to see the slit. So, if Lin Chujiu didn’t have a microscope, she will also wouldn’t find it.

“Seriously, what a smart and clever person.” Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but praise. Ancient craftsmen really have superb skill. And their skills are far beyond of this world.

After praising their skill, Lin Chujiu got curious about what those people wanted to do. So, she took out a fine needle to scrape out the gelatinous thing that was filling the slit. Lin Chujiu scrap out one by one the gelatinous gum.

There are five slits. Lin Chujiu was very careful but she accidentally broke the last gelatinous gum. The gelatinous gum looks like a small cut fingernail. So, even though she took those out from the slits, the white jade hairpin still looks the same. And no one would notice any difference.

Lin Chujiu properly put away the white jade hairpin. Then, she put the broken gelatinous gum to her special solution. And the rest, she wrapped them up so that the man dressed in black could bring it to Xiao Tianyao.

This time, there was a result!

The gelatinous gum is a mixture of amber, but it is a non-toxic agent. And if you will add any special agent in it, it will easily be dissolved. Meaning the problem was the special herb that was coating the jade. However, although there will some corrosion because of it, it… …

“Even if there will be corrosion, it can’t harm Xiao Tianyao’s legs. So, what is the use of this?”

Lin Chujiu once again review her findings, but the more she looks the more she got puzzled… …  

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