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Chapter 98.1
Chapter 98: Grateful and start the plan (Part 1)

The heat inside the room seems hotter than before. Lin Chujiu only spent two-quarter of an hour, and yet she’s already feeling stuffy. Xiao Tianyao cannot see how Lin Chujiu clutching her lips to spit some breath. But, as he watched her, his eyes become deeper and deeper.

Xiao Tianyao wanted to say something, but he doesn’t know how he will say it.

Lin Chujiu is holding a book while sitting beside Xiao Tianyao. She tried hard to gently read it for him, but her voice sounded dumber and rougher. So obviously, she’s really feeling uncomfortable and not just acting. 

The sweats in her forehead were popping out and falling. They’re falling like a crystal, but they’re like a flower that blooms on the ground and yet quickly disappears.

Lin  Chujiu’s palms were also sweating. So, every time she will turn the page,

she tried hard to be careful. But because it was really hot inside the room, she can only barely read the already faint writing. In the end, she needed to spread the sheet to see clearly. 

The hair comb in her hair got wet, so some of her hair strands stick to her face. The six or seven layers of thick clothes she was wearing were also wet, so Lin Chujiu’s face was already flushing abnormally. And her eyes were also getting blurry.

Because of that, Lin Chujiu made a couple of mistake in reading not because there was an error in writing, but because of her condition. But still, she didn’t say anything.

Why are you so stubborn?

Xiao Tianyao can say that Lin Chujiu is the most stubborn woman he ever met.

So, in the end, he can only shake his head and said: “Go and rest.” Xiao Tianyao admits he was defeated

defeated by her stubbornness.

“Ah?” Lin Chujiu who felt dizzy asked. She heard Xiao Tianyao speak, but she doesn’t know what he said.

“Go and rest.” He is not a complete tyrant. Lin Chujiu is obviously feeling uncomfortable, so why he would force her to continue to stay?

“Oh … …” This time, Lin Chujiu heard him clear. But, she doesn’t know if she should feel grateful or not. Because she shouldn’t just leave him.

However, in the end, Lin Chujiu put down the book and gratefully turned away. Leaving Xiao Tianyao alone sitting in a big bucket with unknown facial expression.

This girl is really not a good person.

Divine Doctor Mo doesn’t keep an eye on Xiao Tianyao’s room. He only occasionally enters the room to add some herbs. So, when he saw Lin Chujiu is not around, he didn’t say anything and just added the herb and then walked away.

Divine Doctor Mo

Doctor Mo went back to his room and saw Mo Yuer’s depressing look. When he saw her like that, he couldn’t help but feel bad.

The child’s pain is the parent’s pain too!

“Yuer, don’t feel sad.” Divine Doctor Mo tried to persuade her daughter even though he himself feel bad.

In order for Mo Yuer to get close to Xiao Tianyao, he even lied and went outside. But, what was the result ah?

This is really shameful.

“Father, I can’t understand. What is wrong with me?” Mo Yuer asks with her frosty face.

“My baby is a very good girl.” It’s just, it’s impossible for everyone to like you.

“Then, why Xiao Wangye doesn’t like me?” Mo Yuer’s eyes redden because she felt wronged.

“Xiao Wangye is not an ordinary person. But, when you finally become his woman. Everything will be alright.” This is based on his observation.

Xiao Tianyao is not someone who is willing to spend much to spend much time with a woman. But, Lin Chujiu can get close to him because she is his wife.

“How about Lin Chujiu?” Lin Chujiu is Xiao Tianyao’s official wife. He has another woman, so how can Mo Yuer be happy.

Any woman who thinks she finally found her one true love will not show any care to another woman. Her desire for Xiao Tianyao is bottomless, so isn’t it natural to hate Lin Chujiu?

But such blessing of love is not good to a man.

“She won’t live long.” Even if he had a hard time diagnosing her pulse, Divine Doctor Mo is still sure at it.

Mo Yuer believes her father’s judgment, so she wondered: “Then, why Wangye didn’t ask you again to save her?” Wangye valued her, right?

“Yuer, you are too naive.” Divine Doctor Mo shook his head: “A man like Xiao Wangye doesn’t put a woman inside his heart.”

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