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Chapter 97
Chapter 97: Praise and definitely an accident (Part 1)

Lin Chujiu foolishly stared at Xiao Tianyao. She watches him innocently as he continues wiping her sweat. Xiao Tianyao nonchalantly and slowly leans his back. But afterward, he didn’t forget to taunt her by saying: “What? Did you turn silly? Aren’t you going to continue massaging benwang‘s legs? Do you want to harm benwang’s legs?”

“Oh, ahem … …” Lin Chujiu did not pay attention to Xiao Tianyao’s harsh words. All she thinks about is… … this action of him is not right!

Did Xiao Tianyao got possessed by an evil spirit?

When Xiao Tianyao stretches back his hand. Lin Chujiu finally restore her calmness and continue massaging his legs. But still, she couldn’t help but think about this issue.

Xiao Tianyao got possessed by an evil, right?

Because if he’s not, does that mean he has feelings for me?

After thinking like that, Lin Chujiu immediately pushed aside her second thought. Because such situation would be very impossible.

After all, why would Xiao Tianyao fall in love with her? So, it can be said that Xiao Tianyao really got possessed.

Oh, maybe it was because of today’s event!

Lin Chujiu wanted to convince herself more. So, she secretly looks at Xiao Tianyao. Xiao Tianyao looks so high and mighty as always, he looks very cold so Lin Chujiu’s become more convinced that her speculation is right.

“Wangye, do you want me to tell you what happened outside right now or later when you’re having your herbal bath?” Lin Chujiu look at Xiao Tianyao intently to see his reaction, but she didn’t see any frustrations in his eyes.

Well, if Xiao Tianyao wants to know what happened outside. Does he need Lin Chujiu’s mouth?

“Speak.” Lin Chujiu is wearing thick clothes, but she’s still planning to accompany him to his herbal bath? Isn’t she afraid to die in suffocation?

“Oh … …” With Xiao Tianyao’s reply, Lin Chujiu completely calms down. Indeed, Xiao Tianyao is in his normal self.  And it was only her delusions.

Lin Chujiu reported everything that happened outside while massaging. She tells him everything and didn’t conceal anything. She reported her actions and greetings to Lin Xiang. And also repeated every word she said to her father.

Lin Chujiu’s report is very detailed. So, although he didn’t hear some details he wanted to hear. Xiao Tianyao can image how Lin Chujiu made those scholar students and Lin Xiang stuck in their own plot.

Lin Chujiu did a good job. However, if he was the one who went out, he can do a better a job, but… …

Xiao Tianyao couldn’t help but praised Lin Chujiu. However, he didn’t praise her actions, instead: “You have a good memory.” She can also remember other people’s exact words, so if she doesn’t have a good memory. What is it?

This is definitely a compliment, but Lin Chujiu didn’t feel happy. However, she revealed a wryly smile and then just lowered her head.

She could say to Xiao Tianyao that she really has a good memory. After all, if you can’t afford to buy books, all you can do is to borrow them in the library within the specified date. But some good books are not allowed to be borrowed, so she has no other choice but to take down notes or memorized them.

But, because she has a lot of space in her brain, memorizing is more practical than taking down notes. After all, if she copied it and she was too slow, she needs to go back the other day. And because of those experiences, her memory became goo

d. She can now remember everything that is important!

Especially, if it’s a grudge!

Xiao Tianyao is not a good with words, so he prepared not to speak. Lin Chujiu herself cannot think of a topic, so she also quiets down. For a long time, the room becomes so silent. It was so silent, so only Lin Chujiu’s hand movements could be heard.

Lin Chujiu didn’t feel anything wrong in this silence. But, Xiao Tianyao felt very uncomfortable. Lin Chujiu could talk to a stranger for a long time, but she had nothing to say to him?

With such thought, Xiao Tianyao felt even more unhappy. And because of that, his whole body emitted a cold aura. Lin Chujiu had a chill, so she looks at Xiao Tianyao in curiosity and asks: “Wangye, are you alright?” Don’t be like this, you’ll scare me to death!


Chapter 97: Praise and definitely an accident (Part 2)

“What else should benwang do?” Xiao Tianyao didn’t answer her question. Instead, he asks her a question too. Lin Chujiu wanted to cry, but she can’t do anything about it. So, she bows down her head and continues massaging.

This man can simply make you vomit blood!

Xiao Tianyao took a deep breath and tried to forget his anger. After all, nothing good will come out from talking with a very dull woman.

Xiao Tianyao turns his head and looks outside the window. He tried thinking carefully about what happened today, but the more he thinks the more he only felt wronged. He and the Emperor have been fighting for a long time now. And all these years, the Emperor has been trying to kill him. But because he always survives, the Emperor actually dared to use those scholar students to tainted his reputation? 

A lot of years had passed, but the Emperor still can’t understand him. Well, the Emperor never cares about his people.

“In the end, what does the emperor wants to do?” Xiao Tianyao unconsciously taps his fingertip to the handrail. With such an aggressive sound, a person who would suddenly come inside the room will definitely have a hard time to breath.

The outsiders seem only thinking that these couples were relatively warm to each other. And there’s no embarrassment or discord happening anymore.

But, when Mo Yuer suddenly came in and saw such scene. Her heart suddenly stops from beating, but she still insisted to smile.

“Help benwang to get up.” Xiao Tianyao recovered his thoughts and ordered Lin Chujiu.

“Wangye, just wait for a moment.” And because Mo Yuer was inside, the smile on Lin Chujiu’s face become more gentle than before. And her eyes that were staring at Xiao Tianyao looks very gentle.

However, knowing that Lin Chujiu is only just acting. Xiao Tianyao’s heart felt even more uncomfortable.

Lin Chujiu wiped her hands and prepared his wheelchair. Then, she helps Xiao Tianyao to get up. Mo Yuer was also inside, but she only stands on the side and didn’t help.

Xiao Tianyao is not fat, but in fact, he’s quite heavy. So, Mo Yuer can’t guarantee that she can help Xiao Tianyao to get up. However, Lin Chujiu can do it, so Mo Yuer’s heart was divided into two.

She can do things that Lin Chujiu can do. But also, she cannot do things that she can. Obviously, she grows up as a doctor. Her father was also a renowned medical doctor, so why is Lin Chujiu is still better than her?

Without any considering distractions, Lin Chujiu help Xiao Tianyao to get up as usual. But because Xiao Tianyao is not yet ready to sit down at that moment, his lips swept to Lin Chujiu’s ear up to her cheek.

“Wang, Wangye.” Lin Chujiu felt an electric shock, so her hands that were holding Xiao Tianyao shook unconsciously.

Is he, is he teasing me?

Lin Chujiu looked at Xiao Tianyao with her eyes that full of doubt. But, Xiao Tianyao acted like nothing happen and just knitted his eyebrows, then ask: “What’s wrong?” While asking, Xiao Tianyao took the opportunity to sit down properly, because he doesn’t want to admit anything!

“Nothing.” Lin Chujiu think it was only her speculation and that it was definitely an accident.

And because Mo Yuer was standing in the opposite direction, she didn’t see what happened between Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao. But, she couldn’t help but wonder. Lin Chujiu push Xiao Tianyao’s wheelchair, so in the end, Mo Yuer couldn’t ask anything. And was just left standing there alone in puzzlement.

Lin Chujiu was wearing thick clothes, so when she walked into the room where Xiao Tianyao will take his herbal bath. She couldn’t bear the heat, but even if she felt uncomfortable, she didn’t say anything.

Lin Chujiu acted like the usual and just do her own thing. The only difference in today’s herbal bath session is that Divine Doctor Mo accused her of interfering in Xiao Tianyao’s treatment. Fortunately, Lin Chujiu didn’t hear it at that time.

Divine Doctor Mo knows that Lin Chujiu is not afraid and doesn’t feel dejected. So, when he said a few words to her but didn’t get a reply. He put away his needle then turned to leave. Leaving Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu alone in the room… …

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