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Chapter 96.2
Chapter 96: Sweat and rain of blood (Part 2)


After she finished saying those words, Lin Chujiu calmly walked inside. Every step and every move she took look very elegant. As if she didn’t run like a dog and didn’t get tired.

“Wangfei, why are you here?” Mo Yuer felt scared. And because she doesn’t know how she will react, she fell on the ground.

She seduces someone else’s man, but that man’s wife witnessed it. So, why wouldn’t she get scared?

“Why? Am I not supposed to come? Am I disturbing you two?” Lin Chujiu ask slowly. And she asks as if she was only clarifying a simple thing. So, with such a tone, a person has no reason to get flustered.

Seeing her like that, Su Cha and Liu Bai couldn’t help but secretly admire her. After all, Lin Chujiu’s control

to any kind of situation seems to get better and better.

But, if only the two of them knows that she was only speaking slowly because she wants to hide her tiredness. Then, they might wouldn’t think that way.

When Mo Yuer heard her, she felt even more guilty: “Wangfei must be joking. Wangfei didn’t arrive on time. I’m afraid Wangye’s treatment will be delayed. So, I came to ask if he needs my help. But, since Wangfei is already here. I won’t disturb you.”

Mo Yuer got up and walked straight from outside. But, her posture looks very stiff. She looks like a loser that was only insisting to hold her remaining dignity.

When Mo Yuer walked her way, Lin Chujiu took a glance on her face. Lin Chujiu saw Mo Yuer’s lips were pouting. So, she just let her go.

Anyway, she doesn’t have the

the strength to keep talking to her.

Mo Yuer is now outside, so Lin Chujiu closed the door. And then… …

She leaned herself against the door and took a deep breath.

Well, she’s really tired.

Lin Chujiu patted her chest. And she keeps patting till her heart finally calms down. And because she was very busy in doing that, she misses the chance to see the smile in Xiao Tianyao’s eyes. Xiao Tianyao’s face returns emotionless when Lin Chujiu turns around.

“Wangye, I’m sorry, I came late.” Lin Chujiu said slowly while admitting her mistake.

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao simply said. And then, he removed the blanket on his legs. This action is self-evident.

Lin Chujiu is not a hypocrite, so she stepped forward and said: “Wangye, just a moment, I’ll wash my hands first.”

After washing her hands, Lin Chujiu also washed her sweaty face. Lin Chujiu

Lin Chujiu did not rush herself to massage Xiao Tianyao’s legs. Instead, she grabs herself a glass of water first.

Lin Chujiu is dying from thirst.

“Glug, glug… …”But, although she was very thirsty, she didn’t drink the water in one gulp. She still shows a good manner.

Lin Chujiu took a deep a breath and came forward. Then, she sits on the stool and patiently rubs Xiao Tianyao’s legs. Lin Chujiu’s face looks very calm and didn’t show any trace of dissatisfaction. Her eyes were staring at Xiao Tianyao’s legs, so she didn’t notice that Xiao Tianyao is looking at her intently.

Liu Bai and Su Cha came to this place to report to Xiao Tianyao. But, when they saw this scene, both of them understand that they shouldn’t butt in. And they also didn’t dare to continue watching.

When they left, Xiao Tianyao’s knitted Xiao Tianyao’s knitted eyebrows loosen a bit. And when he saw that sweat started popping out on Lin Chujiu’s forehead. He didn’t hesitate to pick up the handkerchief on his side and lean forward to wipe, but… …

When the handkerchief touches Lin Chujiu’s forehead. He didn’t see the joy in her face that he was expecting, instead, she got frightened.

“Wang, Wangye?” What are you doing?

Lin Chujiu got scared, so at that moment her body got stiff. And her hand’s movement also stopped.

“Wiping, can’t you see?” Xiao Tianyao answered calmly. Then, he continues to wipe Lin Chujiu’s sweat very gently and meticulously.  

This… … is because she had a sweat?

Xiao Tianyao wiped her sweat?

So gently?

Is there going to be a rain of blood tomorrow?

Lin Chujiu stared blankly at Xiao Tianyao’s handsome face. Her mind completely shut down. And because of that, she couldn’t think at all… …

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