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Chapter 95.1
Chapter 95: Calmly and the most suitable person for Wangye (Part 1)

Sure enough, after Lin Xiang took the big hat of Xiao Tianyao, he immediately changes the topic: “Xiao Wangfei, this official will definitely be very busy during the day and night because of this case. I fear that this official won’t be able to take care of your sicked meimei and mother. I hope Xiao Wangye can stay at home for the meantime to take care of them.”

In order to solve this case immediately, staying at home to take care of them is not wrong. But… …

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Lin Chujiu no longer need to refuse. Because Su Cha already came forward and answer Lin Xiang for her. “Xiao Wangfu only have one mistress. So, Wangfei cannot leave Xiao Wangfu if it’s not needed. Wangye also cannot do anything

right now without Wangfei, so… …”

“Ahem… …” Hearing that Su Cha had said more than enough, Lin Chujiu interrupted and said: “Father, don’t listen to Young Master Su Cha’s nonsense. This daughter only needs to remind the housekeeper and then this daughter can now go free.”

Hearing Lin Chujiu’s words, Lin Xiang’s eyes flashed and wanted to rejoice. But, he suddenly heard Lin Chujiu said: “But… …” Lin Chujiu hesitated and looked really embarrassed, but still, she continues to say: “But father, you know very well that this daughter’s body is not in a good condition. Wangye doesn’t let me get tired, so this daughter is worried that instead of being helpful, I might only cause trouble.” 

As long as that reason is still useful, who cares if you will use it twice or thrice in a row, right?

Su Cha is also witty, he tried backing

backing her words on time: “Prime Minister Lin, you know more than anyone else about Wangfei’s condition. Divine Doctor Mo is still treating Wangfei’s body, so he reminded us to take her back in time to receive her medicinal bath. Prime Minister Lin, you won’t interfere with Wangfei’s treatment, right?”

“Of course … … I will not.” Lin Xiang replied with difficulty. Because he hated himself for forgetting about this fact.

Su Cha lied to a prime minister but he didn’t even blush in embarrassment. His face looks very calm as if he was only talking about his daily task to Xiao Tianyao.

However, Liu Bai’s mouth couldn’t help but slightly twitch. After all, he thought he had already seen enough Su Cha’s shamelessness. But, he was wrong, because there was more… …

Lin Chujiu stared back at Su Cha and ignored Lin Xiang’s dark face, then said: “Young

said: “Young Master Su Cha, stop talking nonsense. Why would father hinder my treatment? Why wouldn’t he let me go back on time and receive Divine Doctor Mo’s treatment?”

Lin Xiang felt like he was stab by two knives. So, he said… …

“It’s ok, that’s fine.” Lin Xiang said with a gentle voice, but his facial expression looks very strange. Lin Xiang who has no other choices cup his hands and kowtow in front of Lin Chujiu: “Xiao Wangfei, your body is precious. So, please go back early and rest.”

Lin Xiang is obviously angry, but he can only wait for Lin Chujiu to leave. Lin Chujiu seems like doesn’t understand a thing. Because she goes along with him and said: “I know father cares about my health. Then, this daughter will take her leave now.” 

After saying those words, Lin Chujiu wink to Su Cha and Liu Bai. and Liu Bai. She didn’t even look back. And then, they just left Lin Xiang standing there while looking at them speechless.

 Are they really going to leave like that?

Lin Chujiu doesn’t really intend to look back, but still, she stopped and look at Lin Xiang: “Father, you don’t need to send me back. Oh, and you don’t need to worry about me. So, just focus on solving this case.”

Hearing her words, the two of them couldn’t help but sighed.

Xiao Wangfei, did you see Prime Minister Lin wanted to send you back? ,

Xiao Wangfei, did you see Prime Minister Lin worried about you?

Xiao Wangfei, you don’t need to lie to yourself ah!

Su Cha and Liu Bai’s mouth twitch badly. And they couldn’t recover their mind for a long time. On the other hand, Lin Chujiu doesn’t know what they are thinking, so she just calmly turned away.

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