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After analyzing the situation, Lin Xiang had guess right Xiao Wangfu’s intention. However, he put all the blame to Xiao Tianyao instead of Lin Chujiu.

After all, Lin Xiang can’t simply believe that his stupid daughter will have such bright a mind.

Seeing Lin Xiang just standing motionless, the servant tried to open his mouth cautiously: “Laoye, Eldest Miss is waiting for you outside. Are you going to see her?” 

“What eldest miss? Call her Xiao Wangfei!” Lin Xiang said when he recovered his mind. But this time, his face becomes more ugly.
Seriously, he can’t believe that his daughter could be easily manipulated by Xiao Wangye. What a foolish girl! He simply can’t accept that he has such a daughter.
“Yes, yes, Xiao Wangfei is still outside. Should I tell her to come in?” The servant busily said while burying his head in his chest.

“You don’t have to.” Lin Xiang straighten his clothes, then added: “This prime minister will go personally. But, while I’m meeting with them, go and tell Magistrate Shun Tian to send his troop.” Although there is 9 out of 10 chance that he won’t send troops. Lin Xiang still need to try doing what he can. 

Lin Xiang was about to go out, but Lin Furen suddenly came: “Laoye, what happened? I heard Lin Chujiu brought a bunch of people outside and they were blocking our gate. What is wrong with her?”

Lin Furen‘s face was full of sorrow, and her beautiful eyes were in tears. So, Lin Xiang tried to lessen his anger and said: “You don’t have to worry. Things will be alright.” Lin Xiang is the head of the family, so naturally, he should be the one to argue with those people outside. And the women only need to stay inside the house.

But, because things don’t look good outside, Lin Furen said: “Laoye, be careful. That child Lin Chujiu doesn’t have a heart. Ever since she was young, she only causes you trouble. So, you don’t need to care for her, because she’s doing it intentionally.”  Is Lin Furen deliberately trying to tainted Lin Chujiu’s image? How heartless!

But, not really. Because Lin Chujiu’s action was real. She really wanted to drag down her father with the help of Xiao Tianyao.

The corner of Lin Xiang’s mouth started pumping, but he still nodded his head and said: “Furen rest assured. I know.”

After hearing his response, Lin Furen stepped aside to give way to Lin Xiang. *

Lin Xiang cannot let Lin Chujiu have more courage. So, he only opens the door to side gate instead of the main gate.

When the side door was open, the atmosphere is very low, unlike when Xiao Wangfu’s gate was opened. And when Lin Chujiu came out to the main gate, she looks so elegant. But in here, when Lin Xiang came out, he only has a very simple expression.
However, in actuality, when he saw all the people outside his gate. His head started aching. The people outside cannot wait for him to speak, so they dared to open their mouth immediately: “Prime Minister Lin came out!”

“Prime Minister, Prime Minister… … Prime Minister Lin!”

The group of troublemaker shouted his name, but they didn’t cause trouble. Lin Chujiu herself didn’t cause any. But, the other people outside busily watch them.

Xiao Wangfu is located in the Imperial Capital. A place where the noble family lives. So ordinary people couldn’t past in it. In addition, Xiao Wangye is known for being fierce, so no one really dares to come. However, Lin Fu is different. Although Lin Xiang is the prime minister, their mansion looks far different to a noble mansion. They are also located at the farthest part of Imperial Capital. So, the street next to them is usually lively.

Lin Chujiu brought a lot of people in the street. Their exact number is unknown. But because Lin Xiang’s image is known for being refined and friendly. The people don’t fear him. Unlike Xiao Wangye who is all high and mighty.
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