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Chapter 91.2
Chapter 91: Official business and time to fall (Part 2)

Lin Chujiu haven’t reached the Lin Fu yet, but what she did in front of Xiao Wangfu immediately reach the Emperor’s ears. However, when the Emperor learn about it, he didn’t get angry. Instead, he smiled and said: “Lin Xiang’s daughter is interesting ah.”

“Your highness, this is far from our plan. What should we do next?” A man dressed in black kneeling in the middle of the palace hall said. The man in black didn’t dare to raise his head because he wanted to hide his fear, but his voice somewhat reveals it.

“Proceed according to our plan.” The Emperor is actually not expecting that those scholar students would succeed in forcing Xiao Tianyao to come out.

This is just the beginning!

“With those scholar students?” The man in black asked to clarify. And just

as what he was expecting, the Emperor said: “Clean them all.” Useless pawn doesn’t need to exist.

“This subordinate understand.” The black man simply said, but inside his heart, he feels really sorry for those students. After all, they were just merely studying to participate in next year’s exam to have a good job. But then, they were forced to do this.

“Go and finish it.”

When the man in black left, Magistrate Shun Tian was already waiting outside the palace hall.

“Come in.”

When Magistrate Shun Tian received the news about the events in Xiao Wangfu, he rushed immediately to see and ask the emperor about how they will going to deal with it.

After all, when Xiao Wangfu was in trouble earlier. He didn’t send his official troops to stop the scholar students. And now that the Xiao Wangfu was the one causing trouble to Lin Fu, he will send

send his official troops?

Magistrate Shun Tian had a headache. He really doesn’t know what to do. So, he rushed to see the emperor, but… …

Because he doesn’t know how to speak well, the Emperor’s face turn ugly and immediately said: “You still need me to decide with such a little thing?” Does this civilian officer expecting the emperor to admit his own mistake? What a joke!

“This official got so anxious. Your highness, please try to appease your anger.” Magistrate Shun Tian kneel down and got scared.

“Get out!” The Emperor shouted in anger. When Magistrate Shun Tian heard him shout, he no longer dared to open his mouth and just run as fast as he can to a safe place.

Magistrate Shun Tian who’s trying to stand firm wipes his sweat. Then, he looks at the palace with a very sad looking face.


looking face.

What should I do?

Should I send the troops or not? 

But, what he is actually worried about is his own self. 

He went to the palace to know how he will deal with this situation. But instead, he angered the emperor. Everything seems in chaos. Magistrate Shun Tian started walking to go back to the bureaucratic office. But, because he was so nervous, he stumbled and fall. Then, he got unconscious.

He shouldn’t have started thinking!

After the Emperor received the news about him, he shook his head and smiled: “He’s shrewd.”

“Now, it’s their time to fall.” Xiao Tianyao said with full of ridicule. He didn’t do or say anything much, but his father-in-law was the one who will have a headache.

What Xiao Tianyao said is not wrong. Because right now, Lin Xiang will have a headache. Earlier, he stayed at home because he wanted because he wanted to see his daughter and son-in-law crying. He wanted to hear the rumor that Prince Xiao is having a headache. But… …

He hasn’t had time to rejoice, when he suddenly heard a report: “Laoye, Princess Xiao came with the scholar students, elderly and children. They were blocking our door, so they attracted many people.”

“What did you say?” Lin Xiang stood up and asked for more details: “Why did they come?”

“They said they come to plead for justice.” The servant simply said, he didn’t report what Lin Chujiu had done to the scholar students.

“Plead for justice?” When Lin Xiang heard him, he understands what’s going on.

PrinceXiao is truly an evil. He pushes the trouble in front of his house so that he will be the one who had a headache.

Good, good, good! You are really good Prince Xiao!

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